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  1. Dining . .

    n9ne hands down, if you dont mind spending the money
  2. Is Vegas experiencing a recession?

    higher gas prices has to be hitting the pockets of many with the extra disposable income. Its an extra $10 a week if not more for car gas, and i know people are not getting raises to make up for it... Is it a blip or will it continue...
  3. li thurs

    almost thursday, pick a party and come out
  4. li thurs

    you did not get your dose of metasin this week
  5. Passes

    yeah last tuesday , there wasnt enough people to fill one of those places...
  6. Rehab

    just came back about a week ago from open to about 5 in afternoon its packed then stays busyto a lesser degree
  7. Recap

    that included wonton soup and tip...
  8. Recap

    It was fiamma's...overpriced and fair at best...and when you spend a week at vegas, easy to forget names of places... And for comitting to 2 bottles at tabu, i did not book it but was afemale, might be nicole? And when we went back the second time, we had a part bottle of kettle left, and they wanted us to buy 2 more bottles to get rest of this bottle...what a joke, especially when it was dead, and tried to use excuse of we will let you in even though your not dressed appropriately...
  9. Recap

    wasnt cheap but we ate a ton...$35 a person, but probably 8 orders of 3 or so...
  10. Recap

    Just came back from vegas, after spending an extra day or so in the because of flights...Was suppose to leave ona red eye on wed but flight got cancelled then next day had a 3:40 flight and between problems with heat and mechanical problems did not leave to 12 midnite...Nothing worse than having to deal with the airplanes stories.... Recap... Arrived Saturday the 9th...Went to tabu against some thoughts around here, and was a mistake...Wound up getting a table and place was pretty dead the whole nite....nothing like having to buy 2 bottles for 4 poeple for an uneventful dead place...The music was not bad as usual, but the vibe was off...Went to spearmint rhino after at about 3:30, and the place was packed even after leaving at 6.... Sunday woke up, headed down to mandalay pool, where we stayed, but was full of older people and much different crowd than day before. The crowd at the hotel seemeed to change from saturday to sunday and rest of week, saturday was much younger and hip to families and tourists....So we headed over to the rehab party at the hard rock at about 3:30 where there was about a half hour line...After getting in the place was packed with ladies, more ladies, and even more ladies...Stayed to about 7.... Sunday nite went to light, where as usual was packed, good crowd and as usual good nite...Left around 4 am... Monday nite decided to go to rum jungle, both foundation and rum jungle had big lines...Good crowd as well and not sure when we staggered out of there...thumbs up to the bartender for making strong drinks and making them large sized... Tuesday nite went down to see how rum jungle was, big difference, nobody, went by the mixx where it was dead also...went to mgm to see how tabu and teatro was, both dead as well...went over to pure but line was down the casino and decided to hang around the front of the place and have some drinks and never went in, place was packed, good looking crowd...dj played hip hop but then went off and played some weird music in between... wednesday nite figuring would be last nite, just took it easy, was going to check out la bete at wynn but never did... Restaurants...N9ne by far the best as usual, not cheap but food is outstanding.... Forget the name of the german brewhaus, not my cup of tea but if you like giant beers and the sort, you will like it... chinese place in venetian for lunch...as always dynamite dim sum...great choices and food... Italian place in mgm (emerils? forgot what it was)...overpriced and fair at best... Voodoo lounge in rio, was not bad but food was overpriced... The cafe in rio, for breakfast and lunch is real good....
  11. july9-14

    cant beat it when nothing else is open! Sack of chicken rings...
  12. july9-14

    whats good for monday and tuesday?
  13. july9-14

    sack of chicken rings...