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  1. For the Vegas locals

    Caramel and Mist are both about $30/$40
  2. Where are some good Hip Hop Clubs??

    Hmm, way to prove a point by using an example of blatant racism as an argument *against* the people being degraded. You must be "normal" too I guess.
  3. Hello,

    Thanks for the message board post about Poetry/OPM. You have helped me in the past with regards to clubs to hit up while in town. R u still spinnin at Poetry? How can we get on the guestlist for Sat. night 12/6? You have anyone I should contact? What's the best time to come so we do not have to stand in a huge line?



  4. Where are some good Hip Hop Clubs??

    Poetry is the new OPM. It's busier than ever and more upscale. www.PoetryNightClub.com I realize the previous poster feels "snoop a loop" is "dope hip hop" and I'm sure he deserves to skip the line and enter free because he "rolls with Jeff Beacher" --- however for the hip hop lovers who want VIP entry at Poetry, just call the club ahead of time and ask to be put on the guest list.
  5. most packed club in Vegas

    That's a very slow week in town right after Labor weekend. Tryst, Tao, Pure, LAX are packed on their busy nights. Poetry for all hip-hop.
  6. biz Markie @ studio 54...July 15

    Wow I hate to say this but I actually agree with you about Jazzy Jeff.
  7. biz Markie @ studio 54...July 15

    Just curious... Have you ever seen and/or heard Biz Markie spin with his Serato? Oh it's entertaining alright
  8. biz Markie @ studio 54...July 15

    Biz Markie and his Serato! Please don't tell me Biz Markie earned the Mr. Freeze Serato pardon for superior vinyl achievements in the past "Oh baby you" doesn't qualify for the honorary pardon. Biz Markie is straight Serato all the way... so do you concede finally, Mr. Freeze
  9. This promo is unprecedented ladies! Come out and drink free all night this whole month!
  10. ... exclusively at the new spot for hip hop and R&B... Spin Nightclub 1700 E Flamingo Road Las Vegas brought to you by DJ MasterWeb ([email protected]) Free guest list for ladies too... call 1-800-261-7400 or TEXT 702-885-7587 with full name and number of guests... Dress code enforced.
  11. New To Vegas...Where to go - where to go??

    ra ra ra listen to the baby cry because he can't produce this type of line up at his sausage fest...
  12. New To Vegas...Where to go - where to go??

    I'm sorry about that unprofessional response by the representative of Slide Sundays @ Tabu, MGM. You don't need to "listen to me" but nobody else in the history of Las Vegas has presented a hip hop line up like this for ONE weekend! (graphics loading below)
  13. Free Bottles For Ladies...

    Also see http://www.lasvegasweekly.com/content/nc/nightlife/mash-up/single-story/article/mash-up-28/ for the story.
  14. New To Vegas...Where to go - where to go??

    Rum Jungle tested hip hop on Mondays for a while but then of course the powers said wait a sec we don't want "that" crowd. They then went from hip hop to rock and lost 75% of their crowd instantly. The new hip hop spot in Las Vegas is Spin Nightclub. See www.SpinRealHipHop.com
  15. Free Bottles For Ladies...

    I left OPM/Poetry. I am in the process of opening Spin Nightclub in the Alexis Park Resort. We've thrown two Wednesday parties so far and have filled the spot both nights. www.SpinRealHipHop.com