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  1. i cant touch my nose with my tounge

  2. Shave Bumps - Do They Go Away??

    After the first couple of times ...well maybe a couple weeks the itchiness and red bumps will become noticably easier to deal with. O it will itch like crazy and make ya want to never do it again but just stick with it a week or too the bad stuff will pass and you will never want to go back to not shaving!! I have been completely shavin for about 2yrs and wouldnt go back for the world ..it is much much cleaner, cooler and there is much more skin to skin contact! You may want to try using a sensitive skin shavegel til your skin gets used to it...I started out shaving every couple days...but dont wait until there is too much stuble ...it is more likely to become irritated.....and oh ya..and contrary to the common recommendation I shave against the grain..it is much easier to get all the hair.....
  3. anyone check out these boy bands yet???

    They were here for Buzzfest.... I was a little freaked when the guy comes out with a violin..but they turned out to be pretty cool!
  4. if you laugh at this, you have problems...

    I find it pretty funny!
  5. haha

  6. johnny knoxville

    but for those of you that think he's hot here ya go!
  7. can you spot the jailbait?

    I'd nail 3 outta 5 underaged chicks!!!
  8. Those are some big breasts!!!!!!

    theres gotta be a reason they don't show them without clothing...besides the fact that if that size boobs really did exist they would be absolutely disgusting!!!
  9. The OC

    since the beginning and HE IS NOT A FAG!!!!
  10. Movie scenes that make you cringe?

    Ya I cannot watch that part! It makes my stomach turn even hearing it with my eyes closed!
  11. Is that a cock on your face?

    that looks pretty cool... just my thoughts