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  1. Awww....I miss this message board. Can't remember the last time I went clubbing but I check this site about every six months just to see if its still here. I miss that chick with the baby hand.
  2. Hi Guys, I just moved back to New York after living in Australia for over one year. Now I'm looking for an affordable apartment, but I feel like I'm out of the loop when it comes to picking a neighborhood. I'm viewing a place in East Williamsburg on Sunday, but I'm not sure about the area. I know the center of Williamsburg has been gentified, but what about East Williamsburg, which seems to border on Bushwick? Its on Graham Ave., a few block off the Montrose L stop. Anyone familiar with this area? Is it safe at night? I'm a female, btw. Anything else I should know? Thanks!
  3. ~UpComing Vacations~

    Leaving for a mini-holiday tomorrow to Hunter Valley...Australian wine country.
  4. Which podcast do you subscribe to, or make a point of checking out? I subscibe to the Pete Tongcast because I enjoy listening to him on Radio 1. I also check out random news show from the states. And you?
  5. its official...

    Reminds me of an old commercial where a guy is bleary eyed, slumped over a computer, looking like he's been there for ages. Then a message pops up, "you have reached the end of the internet". Here ya go: http://www.cockeyed.com http://www.b3ta.com http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/
  6. Gotta Love Netflix

    That's a great movie. I only noticed at the end credits that Woody Allen directed it, and that blew me away.
  7. ...buying a tv online....

    My boyfriend bought a big screen on ebay for the world cup. We went to the house for pickup so he got to check it out before paying. Great TV, great price. Check out ebay and see if there any local auctions.
  8. im old... who else is old?

    Another old fogey checking in. I can barely stay up past midnight these days. Yes, on the weekends too. I used to never want to go home, now I can't wait till the party is over.
  9. This heat is gonna kill me

    Fucking hell. I'd kill for 90 degree weather right about now. Its winter here, but I can't really complain when winter is 60 degrees everyday.
  10. Stolen Sidekick

    This is brilliant. Keep it up.
  11. Argentina/Buenos Aries:

    Just for your info, Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay. You can take the hydrofoil from B.A. to Montevideo along the Rio Plata. Outside Montevideo, there's not a whole lot to do except visit ranches. One of the few exceptions is Punta del Este, a ritzy beach resort down. Think French Riviera. Its a playground for filthy rich Americans and South Americans. Also, research Piriapolis. Oh, and eat steak...lots of steak. And consider taking a trip to the waterfalls in the south of Brazil bordering on Uruguay. The Igauzu Falls, I believe. There are buses that go there. Check out lonelyplanet.com
  12. weyes got the job!!!

    Congrats, Weyes!!!! When do you start?
  13. I'm curious, what is everyone doing for halloween? Its one of my favorite times of year to go out, but I'll probably be working. If not, I'm off to the parade in West Hollywood, and then I'll be looking for a good place to party.
  14. weyes has a job interview!!!

    Working at a restaurant here in West Hollywood. I love the fact that its 3 block away and I can make the walk in under 5 minutes. I'm so glad I don't have to deal with public transportation. I just came back from my first night of work and I love it so far. Great people, great work environment. Just what I needed. So...update! How did the interview go? Sending a thank you card is always a good idea.
  15. Commute to Work

    About 5 mins....I work 3 block from where I live. It makes me incredibly happy.