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  1. as opposed to what you had said earlier in the thread.. Sorry for being picky it was sticking out like a sore thumb. As i see it alot of producers/artists indulge in DJing and vice-versa. Industry figures want to have their cake and eat it......a DJ wants to covert all his imports/rarities/xtra special remixes, not telling a soul, while then shamelessly promoting his own track/label/remix. I'm sorry but that just doesn't sit well with me, if it goes down this road DJ's and producers might as well go and get their corporate suites out the closet now. Maybe another reason for indie labels going under is to do with diversification. I've noticed everything in the states is geared towards segregation...if you look at the UK the indie labels which have done well are ones who release a wide range of styles under the umbrella of good music.
  2. Foreign clubbing excursions.

    Just wondering if any of you people have ever been to europe/UK for some clubbing excursions and how does it compare to the states? Am just wanting to know people's thoughts and experiances...
  3. CD turntables

    now i'm really bamboozled...cd turntables or final scratch???? What are the pro's and con's of these and will final scratch become the standard??
  4. Best DJ/Producer

    I saw Masters at Work play in a renovated church in Leeds....storming set that nearly bought the roof down. And as for their production work no other dj/producer comes close in either quality or consistancy.
  5. CD turntables

    eh $18,000!!! I'm in the UK and here they retail at £959.99 including tax!!
  6. Some interesting ideas but most of your suggestions would add an extra cost to the exhibition and promotion of the music and consequentially it'll be the consumer who foots the bill. One positive aspect from MP3 and file sharing which is seemingly ignored is the democratisation of music, the idea that everyone should have access to it regardless of their standing in the elitist echelons of dance music. It'd be a shame regress to back to the days when good fun was for the trendy few 'who knew the score', anyway corporate america has been doing that for years.
  7. CD turntables

    I'm spending enough on the decks to be buying all that...at best i could get hold of a kazoo and burn some bread in the toaster. I'll have to get a pre-amp too so i can put the decks through my P.C speakers!!
  8. an ever increasing number of self-proclaimed record-changers are coming into existence? Who draws the line and says who can and cannot blag free music?
  9. CD turntables

    I have around $1500 to spend, so judging by the prices i could be in for two CD decks. Those CDJ1000's look very nice indeed. One (maybe two) of those next to your 1210's would do the trick.....oh and maybe a sampler for good measure, oh and a hard disk for those MP3's and an old roland 909 just for aesthetic purposes....did i forget anything
  10. CD turntables

    I know, i know vinyl rules and will always be central to the grand scheme of things...but i have managed to build up quite a collection of CD and i just haven't got the resources to get them pressed to vinyl. Any suggestions on what models...i hear Pioneer have quite a range with the CDJ1000 or the dual CMX3000. I have no knowledge regarding CD's so any experiances would be much appreciated. Cheers
  11. First of all i have to show my dismay on the hearing the news that Strictly Rhythm has closed down. Labels of that pedigree and consistentcy in this day and age are a dying breed. The MP3 dilemma is cutting corporate americas pocket while decimating independant labels. The money-making buggers will ride out the storm while the smaller cottage-industrys will keep going under until a solution can be found. If things go on as they are Sony will end up making a buck out of buying defunct labels back catalogues and selling them to us at some later date. One of the things that for me is synomynous with decent music is a strong infrastructure or scene that can support itself. One where people who support artists, labels, DJs, clubs and can see the effects of their support and help it grow furthur. I may be stating the obvious but it seems that so maney people i meet seem to think that music which is free of commercial restraints seems to grow on trees. My girlfriend is a great exampe of this; she goes clubs, downloads mp3s, copies her friends latest compilation CD's. The only benefactor of my girlfriends spending is the club promoter and the DJ, who incidently never has to pay for his records??? The best way to make her realise some of the damage she is doing to the scene is being telling her the score or the economic damage of her actions, and then reinforcing point by calling her things like 'MP3 whore' and 'cheapskate indie label killer.' This has had results as the music she really likes she will go and buy. She actually feels empowered knowing that the music she buys is a show of the scene she is supporting. Whats my point? I'm not too sure but next time you're at your friends flat check to see how many originals he has.....
  12. sad but true

    You could drop The Grids - 'Texas Cowboy' its not your subliminal house vibe thing, but it might get a few hicks into the head nodding brigade. Good luck!!
  13. sad but true

    you could always remix some dolly and willie tracks for the discerning red kneck crowd. Just imagine it 'deliverance' gee-tar licks forced into some stompin house breaks with cowboy/girls doing their steps with neon glowsticks....... the mind boggles.
  14. top five alltime delights.

    nice phrankadelic. The synths at the end of 'bonita applebum' well who did the tribe sample?? For some reason i have grace jones floating in my head, does any one know?
  15. top five alltime delights.

    Whats everyones top 5 alltime classic tunes??? I know this has probably been asked countless times before and I apologise, but i just wanna know what people likes! 1.) Rhythm is Rhythm - Strings of Life 2.) Massive Attack - Unfinished Symphony 3.) Funky Green Dogs - Reach For Me 4.) NuYurican Soul - That Nervous Track 5.) 808 State - Pacific