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  1. ouch

    wow. just for shits and giggles I clicked over here to see what was going on. nice to see a couple of you are still around. too funny about the DC board, though. the promoters have taken over....
  2. Ya, I'll bring demos and be wearing the shirt
  3. This Friday come check out the sounds that you'll be hearing for the next year as we get ready for the Winter Music Conference. Nietzsche brings his signature brand of progressive and house music all night. www.revaluationpg.com Hope to see you all there!
  4. Dragon Fly?

    cool. thaen i'll come hang out with you and you can pay for mine!
  5. The beginning of the end for America?

    hahahahaha! nice!
  6. janet jackson super boob . . .

  7. janet jackson super boob . . .

    ya, it was an "accident".
  8. Jan 23. Fetish DJ Portia Surreal with EMC Crew @ Club

    so what kind of music did she spin?
  9. [DCNC]ACT NOW to Protect DC's Nightlife and Music Scene

    guys, this isn't about whether or not you like the scene. the point is that DC government regulations make it such that those of us who enjoy going out are not given legal recognition in the licensing process. If you think the scene sucks, fine, but the point is that the scene will be gone altogether, good or bad, unless unless we make it known to the DC gov that we support nightlife venues. make sense?
  10. [DCNC]ACT NOW to Protect DC's Nightlife and Music Scene

    then you should do it. I've had several meetings with the Council Memebers and they really do recieve them and they make a great tool to use against the other side. Please, do one every month!
  11. ATTN: RAY KANG or other DC house promoters

    never heard him spin, but the prod's are nice....unique house
  12. Gua Rapo this Friday

    word! funky funky beats
  13. D.C. Motorists Must Hang Up Cell Phones City Council Approves Measure Banning Hand-Held Phones While Driving By Chevetta Gilmore Associated Press Tuesday, January 6, 2004; 2:29 PM Drivers in the nation's capital will have to hang up their cell phones or use a hands-free device under a measure approved Tuesday by District of Columbia lawmakers. The D.C. Council gave final approval to a bill banning drivers from talking on hand-held cell phones while behind the wheel. Exemptions would be made for emergency situations. Council members preliminarily approved the measure last month. "We've all seen a lot of near misses as people are chatting away on their phones," said Councilwoman Carol Schwartz, R-At-Large, one of the bill's co-sponsors. "We're a very densely populated city and we need to protect our pedestrians, whether they be our residents or our visitors." About 572,000 people call the district home, though the population nearly doubles each weekday as commuters pour in from the Virginia and Maryland suburbs. Enforcement is expected to begin in July, with violators facing a $100 fine, though no points would be assessed against their drivers license. Mayor Anthony A. Williams indicated last month that he would sign the bill, and would expect police to enforce it. That part troubles Councilman Jim Graham, D-Ward One, who cast the lone vote against the bill. "I'm concerned about the diversion of police energy. And I'm concerned about asking our police officers to patrol and ticket people driving while having a hand-held cell phone," Graham said. One day before the expected council vote, a crime emergency the city's police chief declared in August expired. New York has banned use of hand-held cell phones while driving since 2001, when it became the first state to do so.
  14. ATTN: Reval

    nice. I thought about getting something like that before, but I don't wanna say 'hey, I'm DJ dickhead'....I just tell 'em to go downstairs.