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  1. Are you happy?

    No, not happy... I had a wonderful job but there was a missunderstanding for the position i was going to be filling... When they hired me they told me one thing and than when i got there i was doing something completely different but I didn't mind, although i did ask my boss to clearify my position... and then I lost the job, he just fed me a bunch of bs how he realized i'm overqualified (wtf?)... Anyways, that forced me to continue living with my parents.... my car is on its last breath.... my computer is also in need of substitution. The only thing I got is a loving family and a wonderful b/f. I think i'm experiencing the lowest point in my life so far... I think i did make some progress than two years ago, but very very very slight one... progress maybe in paying off my college loan... but financially, no...
  2. how much do you spend?

    I don't go shopping for clothes often once in a month or two, and I spend 250 to 300$ when i do. Between that there is an occasional visit to the mall to get something i need like a new white shirt or shoes.
  3. what do you wear...

    all of my short short skirts, and very small tops and shinny things. Basically everything that I wore out when i was 18 to 21. And anything that had cuts or looked torn up or had holes on the side, that went out very quickly.
  4. How many girls here don't have orgasms from sex?

    never came from just penetration alone
  5. Who else has to work today?

    still at work, and will be till late... with an hr commute in front of me... while everyone i know is home enjoying a long weekend...
  6. what will the reactions be the day after!!!!!!!!!!!

    i don't think it will matter to a lot of people who wins... they'll go about their business as usual, like the last election. I don't like Kerry or Bush... so to me if Bush wins, at least i know what we're getting in to again.. if kerry wins.. well, we tried Bush for four years... weren't the best four years by far. now we can see how kerry does... Although for the sake of Democratic Party I hope that he won't win so that they can put up a stronger candidate next election.
  7. airbus...

    my favorite airport is Savannah Airport.. out of the tri-state area i don't like Laguardia... it sux... Newark is convinient for me.. so I don't mind it too much... I like to fly out of JFK for international flights (on good airlines) cause you see a lot of attractive people and its fun to do some people watching...
  8. terrorists

    I agree, i think that article was good in pointing out unresolved issues, the number is not 200 dead but much more and growing to be closer to 800... I hope the russian goverement wakes up from its corruption and ignorance and reconstructs the way the country is governed. There is no excuse for the terrorists i don't care where they are from.. its doesn't matter, the thing that matters is that they have killed children, hundreds of them, chechnia is a horrible place and the terrorists from that region have spilled over the other muslim republics nearby killing muslims in Uzbekistan and other nations.. who have been nutruel and peaceful and in good relations with Russia. I know people from Moscow who had to leave their lives behind to go back to their country/republic (muslim) to protect their families from chechens.. I think almost all religion has had blood on its hands... Uneducated people with no influence or communication with the developed world is a serial weapon cause he can be easily brainwashed and used as a weapon of his religion.
  9. what the hell is happeneing in russia?

    Russia has its own oil, it is now the biggest supplier of oil to Europe and they are building oil pipes to Asia (china, india, japan), they also provide oil to usa. Chechnya doesn't have that much at all and it would cost too much and almost impossible to run oil pipes through the rocky mountains, the reason it wants to keep it is because of its location.. Chechnya has Al Queda cells within that promotes and sponsers the terrorist actions. The meeting with UN is to have nations work together with Russia to cut off the financial ties to chechnya. Russia has contributed to the devestation of chechnya but one must remember it is not a separate republic, it was always part of russia.. all the nations that have been their own republics and part of USSR were given independance.
  10. what the hell is happeneing in russia?

    they didn't last time, they were actually able to SAVE people.. now the terrorist organization has changed the tactic and instead of using adults, they are using children cause they know russian authorities won't send gas and kill them. bigpoppanils.. I agree that there is nothing left to bomb... unfortunetly there isn't a quick solution to the situation. Once again as I stated before, the moment anyone uses children to terrorize the country, i don't care that there is nothing left to bomb, the president has to come up with a military and financial attack on the organizers and their cells.
  11. what the hell is happeneing in russia?

    US should fix its own problems, russia is going through UN to solve this one, and I do think that it should bomb the shit out of chechnia cause over time they have killed way too many children and innocent people. Its a territory of Russia and has been for over 200 years... they were peaceful in the early 80's untill a dictator (forgot his name) came in and started to turn people against russian goverment. Its stupid.. it really is.. and I think that for holding 140 children hostage they have given the go ahead themselves to have chechnya be blown up and distroyed. Sorry, i have no mercy in my heart for people who take on children as their target to make a point!!!! Actually i'm not sorry, I think these people are monsters and death is too good for them. I mean for god sake, these are kids at freaking 1st of September, its a big celebration, everyone is dressed up bring flowers to their teachers... i just can't believe it...
  12. What kind of pussy do you have?

    You Have a Wet Pussy! You've got the type of pussy guys never forget. No need for flowers or foreplay, you're already wet. You call yourself "natural Astroglide." You're always ready to have something inside. i don't think that's true...
  13. Janet Jackson has lost her mind...

    that is the most stupidest thing i've heard in a while
  14. What's Your Flirting Style? Girls

    Funny flirt
  15. Monday...again. so...

    definitly not feeling productive today... if i only had an extra 5 hrs of sleep..