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  1. dude your the bartender in bar to your right ...dude ur sick fun ny guy too
  2. Dude this place rocks the planet... whos this moody dude.....I'll be inthat room saturday with chicks all over my shit... cause I got it like that
  3. Dude the City is tuff.....so much money parking tolls NYC is a Rip which is why alot of thos places Don't last long...... the only way they last is if thier doing something illegal...... and then is just a matter of time dude
  4. Ok for NYC 400 people @ $15.00 = 6000.00 well that should be a duck walk cause drinks in nyc are at least 14.00 each....... so if 400.00 have 2 drinks each that's 11200.00.. now if it's the crack head crowd water is 6.00 each three waters x 400 = 7200.00 Go for it dude
  5. It's me Ed Back on the Board

    Where do i know you from Dude
  6. It's me Ed Back on the Board

    hanging with a hottie who i just said get off me had enuffffffffffffffff
  7. What the hell is going on Where is everyone going this weekend
  8. Belmar cops this summer

    it's no big deal Dude just give them a chance to make there point
  9. seriously this board sucks

    your correct Dude..... but I think the Messege Board thing is over
  10. What's the cover dude..... Ed
  11. I wanna thank New Jersey for ruining DT's BDAY

    New York residents always are of the opinion that their better than Jersey, even those MTF Dudes in Long Island………. the real truth is this Jersey Rocks it always did, NY peeps are too hung up on the hype, everything in NYC is just that HYPE
  12. the new afterwork soundgarden party

    i hear the food is Nuts Dude
  13. Friday......... Dinner at chow baby Sat Soundgarden............it felt like a concert... little to packed but tons of chicks but of course i went home with my Dick in my hand AGAIN