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  1. Oscar G.-Cedric Gervais-Ivano Bellini-Roland @ Space Saturday

    hells yeah!! it should be an awesome night, good to see ivano, cedric, roly, and og all spinnin'
  2. EDGAR V @ Crobar ! > Friday > GUESTLIST...

    can i get a hell yeah! of course he is going to throw it down hard! :D
  3. How Was PVD & EDGAR V ... speak your mind

    saleen, that seems to be the case. i heard that there was no one there b4 midnight for the most part, had friends that went in around 11:30 and thats what they told me. then they held the line and let the stampede move in around 1am, but not enough for the patio though...
  4. How Was PVD & EDGAR V ... speak your mind

    was a fun night, showed up a little on the late side. i thought that it would have been more packed, but was still busy. they were supposed to open the patio but never did. edgar rocked, pvd still rocked but wish he played a little bit harder like he does sometimes.
  5. Big Prop's and Thank You To EddyGuerra and Club MAZE

    eddy, you off the chain dawg! and that nelson guy is a wonderful lad best set ralph has played to date the new booth- is going to be sick - it will change everything at maze once it is done always tons of fine chicks doing a good job for sure
  6. Sunday Afternoon [email protected]

    come on saleen, the door count? every club exagerates the door count- it is about the oldest standard propaganda tool in the book. maybe 200 went through the door for the several hours that they were open- but there was NO WHERE near 200 people inside at any time when i was there, but nice to see some of the faces i know i guess i will have to take a camera this sunday...
  7. this [email protected] limebar**party with the troopers**

    love those smiles Lex, where do you find them???
  8. Sunday Afternoon [email protected]

    200 on friday? maybe. i passed by there sunday- 40 peepz. give or take a few. not 200. many of the space staffers that i know
  9. Space34 Flyer Design Competition.

    LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :laugh:
  10. Space34 Flyer Design Competition.

    and by the way- LP is a TRANCE dj, so i will be attending the ceremony... and the new times will be there reporting and taking pictures for next year's "miami's best" issue :laugh:
  11. Space34 Flyer Design Competition.

    well, i hear that LP & his staff are banned everywhere on the beach, so it will be at 34 of course!! i heard he will even be spinning himself to cut down on overhead lol
  12. this [email protected] limebar**party with the troopers**

    limebar was packed last sunday. you guys have nerve beat bad. see you sunday if i am still alive and breathing... thanks for the hookups there eddy
  13. Sunday Afternoon [email protected]

    do you think there will be more than 40 people this week? i know the space staff is pretty big that is forced to attend, but will it be busier than last week?