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  1. Does anyone need a ticket for Ikon NYE?

    im gonna need like 15 tix, whos promoting this party? someone email me [email protected] or call me 914-224-5806
  2. IkoN Review

    Sheldon Romero will be spinning next week
  3. Good shows at Daryl Roth Theater

    I'll be there... Joe Blaze guestlist PROMOTERS WANTED!
  4. Teen Nights...

    Teen Night @ CLUB DEEP... July 27--- For reduced admission tickets or to promote call 914-224-5806 or email [email protected]
  5. Teen Clubs

  6. Teen Clubs

    There is a Teen Night @ Club Spirit in the city tomorrow (Wed Night) Email me for info and tickets... [email protected] or call 914-224-5806.
  7. No ID Nights and Teen Nights

    Listen to Z100 @ www.creamproms.com creamproms.com
  8. No ID Nights and Teen Nights

    There is a big NO ID night coming up at Cream Nightclub on Friday April 23rd--- Cream will be the official After Prom venue for 04.... Z100 and many sponsors will also be in the house.... Cream just got renovated, log onto www.creamnyc.com to see the new pics... any questions, email [email protected]
  9. VIP Room in Float

    see you guys tonight... 1 time 18+ party:eek:
  10. I'm throwing a 1 time 18+ Party at float this friday... I am going away to costa rica for a month tomorrow and thought it would be hot to start the new years right.....for comps/guest List- email me @ [email protected]
  11. VIP Room in Float

    tim, call me tonight or tomorrow afternoon, 914-224-5806 FLOAT TOMORROW NIGHT!
  12. VIP Room in Float

    sounds good.... see you at float this friday
  13. VIP Room in Float

    Tim, What kinda music do you play?