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  1. Saw that new adidas_1 commercial and that song that they play is pretty hot. I was wondering if any of you knew if there's a mix out there or soon because I think it would make a pretty nice sounding track. Let me know whats you guys think! Chris
  2. Any NYC clubs playing the 18 and over parties? From what I have seen so far, NO, but hopefully something will come up. Let me know please!
  3. SATURDAY Night

    Who is we Michele? Lets meet up with some of my friends and we'll go club hoppin together.
  4. Mirror breaker...

    If i was in NY at the time probably...j/k...but im in RI so no, people are a little less fortunate, HA
  5. Mirror breaker...

    well what are you going to do...
  6. Mirror breaker...

    Umm...don't know why I posted this here...yeah no clue
  7. Mirror breaker...

    How bad is it to break not one mirror but two mirrors in one night...? (Damn Cheap Vodka)
  8. What's new this summer...?

    HA...so hyper right now don't know why...have no idea what my plans are in terms of commuting...when are you moving into Westchester b/c I only have 6 weeks off from school starting June 5th but anyways dont know where my partying will start. Drop me an email or a ring on my cell 914-960-9784
  9. Whats up people...been up at school in RI and am unaware of what is hot this summer in the city and also in the Westchester area. Last summer was Pearl in White Plains but now I have no idea what it is now. Let me know what the scoop is in Westchester and in the city. Thanks, Chris
  10. I am not the biggest NYC nightlife guy because of my age but all of my friends are over 21 and do the NYC nightlife. When SF has their parties and JP marathons, my friends load up, on whatever they are going to consume that night and go down and mostly because of JP. It sounds rediculous to me. When I was younger and would see friends and friends of friends get all dressed to head down to the city I would sit there and wish I was going out with them. Because it seemed to be such a rush and a beautiful thing to head down to the city and dance and party late. Now I'm just like whatever, I rather stay home and hang out with friends home then get dressed up to go to some club where everyone else is not dressed and not there to dance and party like decent human beings. I wish I was part of the late 90's SF crew. I agree 100% with the post and I'm sorry if everyone thinks I'm replying to a post that I have no first hand experience on! These people still ruin it for the guys and girls that want to experience the real NYC nightlife.
  11. Arena Reunion at Exit Thanksgiving Eve. Live performances by Kelis, Reina and also D-Block. Any information and also tickets contact Chris: [email protected] [email protected] 914-960-9784 Thank you very much!
  12. I'm in Rhode Island and there's fucking nothing to do. I hit up some club called Babylon and it is nothing compared to anything in NY. Let me know people....
  13. what away messages do you use?

    "Your mom Says HI!"
  14. i hate.....

    I still hate everyone that models my last post. Another thing I really hate is when you brake up with your girlfriend but you still want her and think about her all the time and it doesn't help when you see her and you make out but then you realize your not together and it just FUCKING SUCKS!!! Sorry got a little out of hand...