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  1. crazy concert!! mad people came out...
  2. Soooooooo...

    actually, its at continental...buttttt...its gunna be HOT!
  3. Soooooooo...

  4. Origskeemr

    i was drunk. j/k babe...
  5. i heard something about a bus from Bar A taking people to XS sat night....does anyone know about this???? if so i DEF. wanna be on that bus...can someone post ANY info on this for me?
  6. sunday night i am soooo there.
  7. Track ID...

    great im happy now...thanks!!
  8. Wuts your favorite TRAck that JP plays

    my love or like a prayer.
  9. insurance

  10. Holy Fucking Sopranos

    might be best episode ever IMO.
  11. Ceramic Hair Irons ????

    u can buy some CHI products on Ebay for around 60$...ceramic is much better for your hair.
  12. DJAIS in Belmar

    i'll be there too!
  13. DJAIS in Belmar

    i'm not sure but i'll ask around as post when i find out...u are def. gunna wanna spend the night.
  14. DJAIS in Belmar

    yup...this weekend was nuts...just the kickoff to the begining of a crazy ass summer!!!!! CAN'T FUCKING WAIT! Djais will be one of my fav. places...