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  1. :: Thomas Penton :: May 3 :: Cleveland

    I think that was my first CP post in about 2 years!
  2. :: Thomas Penton :: May 3 :: Cleveland

    Or she could just be like me and cancel any and all events that happen to occur on Wednesday nights. I'm pwn3d by LOST. 24 also 0wnz my ass!
  3. Tsunami

    Eric! What up dawg? You don't come around DC mang... you gots to get your ass down here. But stop by Homeboy 2000 first and pick up some bling bling.
  4. Tonight at SAKI - Happy Holidays!!! FREE ENTRY!

    What time does this really get going?
  5. RITM Rollcall!!

    Unless I'm dead I'll be there.
  6. Pollo Campero

    Yes, but you eat both of them and can compare the taste.
  7. it's friday !!!!

    you've got friday threads everywhere, huh?
  8. Press Release: A NEW YEAR, A NEW GLOW

    Didn't you get the memo?
  9. upcoming Buzz events

    WOW! January will be a great month! Hybrid is always great. It will be nice to hear them in a big room like that. Hernan Cat-an-yo should be awesome!! I really hope people turn out for him. And then on the 23rd, I can't wait to see Special Guest! I've never seen Special Guest but have been dying to for years.
  10. attn: silvershoes

    <channeling Silvershoes> Yes, probably for Friday, Saturday and leaving on Sunday. </channeling Silvershoes>
  11. Las Vegas on Monday, 12/15

    I'm going to be in Vegas on Monday the 15th. Are there any good parties on a Monday night? I'd hate to have to spend all 24 hours that I'm there at a craps table. Music and crowd is the most important part. Progressive, breaks, techno... anything like that should do! Thanks in advance for the advice!
  12. attn: pgiddy

    I'm basically on one board: Groovanauts. I barely post over here anymore. (*hinthint*)