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    :laugh: nice
  2. malcom

    Hey everyone

    showanda baby, check out this website http://uglypeople.com/uglymen/html/up-men-00309.htm
  3. :laugh: :laugh:
  4. Where my other black soldier spragga at?
  5. where are my black hunnies at????????
  6. Unless your black or your georgeacasta2 please don't post on this thread. I need me some black loven from a fine black woman.
  7. Tell your girl to watch where I'm going next time!
  8. Hey nightstar. I saw you this weekend. We should knock them boots. Why don't you drop that spic your with so I can give you some real black lovin.
  9. Me and my crew roll in strapped with cheese in our pockets and fashionable bullet proof vests on. Ga2 calls me up on my celly, he has some hookers waiting for me and my crew in VIP. After the club closes ga2 announced that there was going to be an after party, he called the cops, had us all arrested and announced the after party was going to be in Miami beach jail. woot woot :party: the crowd went crazy. Most of us already had 2 offenses and were possibly looking at a really long run in jail if we were caught. We couldn't have been happier about it Ga2 is a pomoter that goes above and beyond the call of duty. Getting us all arrrested at the end of the night was just the icing on the cake thanks for everything ga2. mini cp ghetto crew was in full effect. nice hanging with the usual suspects. showanda, redbaron, nightstar, klubvetran.
  10. I'll be at menage!!!! acasta takes good care of me and my boys.
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