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  1. Hi, I'm coming up from DC for lolla this weekend and would very much like to catch Zabiela Sat at Vision. If anyone has contact info for me to get on the guest list, that would be much appreciated. Please PM me. Thanks, DSB
  2. Coming down from Boston need help..

    I won't argue about the crowd. But there are some good people there, you just gotta find them. Anyhow, I am reluctant to go to porter at buzz this weekend but if he was at five or glow I would definitely be there. Not to knock buzz, they have been huge for DC but time to clean up the place a little... Whatever, I'm sure this has been said a million times. They do pull some talent at buzz.
  3. Strip club recommendations

    I am coming in from DC next weekend and we are going to hit the strip clubs probably saturday night. From past experience, some that were good a year ago aren't necessarily as good a year later. In the past I have been to saphires, crazy horse too, jaguar (this may be Scores now). Can you all give me like the top three so we hit the right spots. Thanks in advance.
  4. I have two tickets I can't use. If you want them for face value and can pick them up in Reston tomorrow around lunchtime, please PM me. Thanks
  5. Closed out Five. Great set. Props to Ali for showing up. Best wed night in along time.
  6. Just Announced SASHA Baltimore 6/19

    I believe the isssue w/ naion is last time he was there he went on extremely late. I was told he was dead tired and was sleeping in the back. Regardless, I can see why nation would be upset, the place was packed. I saw Sasha in bmore on haloween back 2 years ago and it was awsome. Looking forward to Sonar.
  7. Anyone know where there is some good clubs/nightlife in Costa Rica?
  8. hip hop dj needed for sat night in bethesda

    haha! If only it was my party...
  9. Hey all, looking for a hip hop dj for sat night from 12am - 2am for a private party at this lounge down in Betesda. I'll be spinning house/prog from 10 - 12 but the hosts want some hip hop in there too. Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. help: whats going on sat jan 24?!?

    Hey, I heard about this party slave thing at Anzu: www.partyslave.com/fallenangels/FallenAngelsMailing.htm Don't know if it'll be solid or not but there is one option for you. Good luck.
  11. Max Graham Tonight!!!

    I thought that was one of the better sets I have seen at FIVE. I thought the crowd was pretty decent until 2:30am-ish. I think around that time is when a lot of people roll in from other bars etc. For those who thought the crowd was bad, last time D:Fuse played there, the crowd/scene was 10 times worse. And coatcheck... I have tried to black that out of my memory, nuff said. Anyhow, the important thing was Max owned. Hopefully I'll get the chance to meet some of the other folks on this board at some point in the future or at WMC this year... 44 days and counting.
  12. Coming into town friday night. What other DJ's will be spinning other than Scumfrog at Crowbar???
  13. This Friday ||MAX GRAHAM|| @ Home NightClub, DC

    Well, I just called home, as of 2:45pm, its still on and they say Graham will be in the house.
  14. This Friday ||MAX GRAHAM|| @ Home NightClub, DC

    I hear this has been postponed till January 16th. Can anyone confirm this?