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  1. What days is everyone going down?

    16-29Mar.. but also leaving a couple days open to head down to the Keys!
  2. Currently seeking hip hop and drum'n'bass dj's for guest spots Email us for more info
  3. WMC Preparty: Mon, March 21 Welcome to Miami

    its gonna be a great night!
  4. ULTRA FEST UPDATE (more artists announced)

    yes.. thats him and its reliable
  5. ULTRA FEST UPDATE (more artists announced)

    i know that.. i mean another party after that one.. so ultra, the carry on, and then another one.. but the source seemed kinda worn out so i dunno how far that one has gotten
  6. ULTRA FEST UPDATE (more artists announced)

    i heard theyre working on an AFTER after party as well!
  7. Ultra VIP

    last year in the vip area later in the day they started givin free beer.. we got tanked.. we drank our fair share of the ticket price. and this year it gets you into the after party too.. although ultra is so long its nice to go take a shower and smoke a bowl before heading back out if youve got the money.. fuck it.. if youre already stretched for the week.. save it for other parties
  8. CANDYLAND 9.. sunday december 26, 2004

    Ringmaster has added a stage to the event Mekka Messiah Dana Eclipse vs Barry Bennett Solace vs Roxxia Disc Jockey Joey vs Tony D Rob Frost vs Chris Freeze Remenis vs Dagger
  9. still no Tshirt

    apparently you dont know shit about the music industry then because Eclipse has quite a collection of tracks and records out. also.. its not my fault youre some asshole who thinks hes better than other people. after seeing you throw attacks out at people i know, i was sick of it. quit being such a bitch.
  10. still no Tshirt

    yeah dave.. when will that happen? i think that would be a sign of good faith. just dont invite any boy bands that night please. also.. please note it is not ringmasterproductions.com. its ringmaster productions. we have a web site. its not a new concept.
  11. still no Tshirt

  12. still no Tshirt

    ok while this icon is not entirely on topic.. i really like it and wanted to share and dave.. if ya order a shirt.. youll get one
  13. love parade in san fran.. anyone going?

    is she? she kept sayin she was but i havent talked to her lately.. look for the frequency 8/skills dj workshop float.. thats where ill be
  14. love parade in san fran.. anyone going?

    im headed out there.. was wonderin if anyone else from miami is...?
  15. i missed a great night at opium!!!

    man.. nobody told me the boy bands were gonna be there!! why oh why! DAMN YOU DAVE WHY???