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  2. Tina Tina Tina

  3. Rooster and Peralta @ Pacha

    yeapp.....very proud of our nigar VTone...i was walkin around with a smile...big things big things... bassmint sessionsss.......
  4. Rooster and Peralta @ Pacha

    vtone def worked it out......joey...you wouldve loved it..... he'll be back there sooooon....lemme know when your back in NY nuCcCA
  5. VTone's B-Day @ Pacha, Fri 6/9

    you better werq bitchhhh
  6. VTone's B-Day @ Pacha, Fri 6/9

    thanks dawgs....should be an awesome night birthdays, and bassmint, and bitches oh myyyyyyy its gna be a funnnn night!
  7. tickets

    for jonathan peters at Pacha are available if needed please call 718.795.3119!
  8. maybe not a whole 666...but def 2 6's!
  9. nah...the SC party didnt get shut down...still pumping...good vibe in the room...the mangagerial part of the party was altered...but the party is still goin on...and imo getting a lot more fun for the younger crowd, with the older people still having a sick time!! all 18+ are welcome!
  10. SpiderClub fridays is 18+ and allows you access to SpiderClub and all of Avalon...check out the promotions section for more info or if you have any questions call me 718.795.3119
  11. Thanks to anyone who was able to make it out on friday night to the Early Shift of SpiderClub Fridays. Great beats provided all night long, and a great vibe was produced by everyone there just having a great time. We hope you can make it out this weekend, and every week after for fun times, and great music! For more information on upcoming events please visit the promotion section of the website
  12. Friday 1/13 Spider Room...

    VTONE is in fact spinning the early shift of SpiderCLub this friday night, join us for a long night of banging beats, sick sound system, and timmy LIGHTS! use the spider club enterance on 20th st(along the side of the Church) and say "DIRTY" guestlist for your reduced admission stub! For more information feel free to contact me at any time ....718/795/3119 ..stay dirty..
  13. Jonathan Peters

    call me ...i got you!
  14. Jonathan Peters

    tickets still available!