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  1. surf club

    anyone know whos spinning sunday of memorial day weekend @ surf club
  2. where the hell is it??? did ne one go or hear ne thing?
  3. nye @ crobar

    chus and ceballos www.stereo-productions.com gonna be insane
  4. victor/richie review

    awesome nite richie had the place goin nuts and victor picked up rite where he left off..played a lot of popular tracks fear me, afterhours rhythmn, music is freedom, and at 930ish dropped shakedown -at nite place went nuts....only complaint is that place is just way to crowded left at 11am and it was still a sardine can...gonna have to show up later and close out the next victor party to avoid the crowd....didnt hear sim city --ne one know if he played it later in the set its a staple to his sets.....i think i saw arqdiesel there? i thought u were retired
  5. Pacha NY Sexiest Bartender: Marina!

    a 7/10 sorry honey but i think there is def hotter bartenders in nyc than you
  6. I LIke!!! heard a different sound from him last nite didnt get dark and tribal was more electro and upbeat but the place was banging the sound system and size of cielo created a really goood atmosphere...left around 230 not sure how he was after that....he def needs to play more big rooms seen him three times and all were good shows
  7. JP @ PACHA for NYE

    don't hate on luzzi they are doing a behind the music on him next sunday on vh1.....but seriously chus and ceballos are booked for the 16th at crobar in december(check their site) they are booked for the 29th-31st but i doubt they would play twice in two weeks at the same venue...
  8. JP @ PACHA for NYE

    calderone's tribal and tiesto's trance what a weird combo...but chus and ceballos and borat .." I LIKE"
  9. JP @ PACHA for NYE

    with boris playin at crobar on the same nite it will be interesting to see how boris's crowd get affected...although boris is the better dj rite now i think that they share a lot of the same crowd and that people are still wishing and hoping for one more awesome and old skool jp caliber set...hopefully victor is doin the nye after party again this year so i can get the end of boris's set and then stay for victor.....
  10. Louie Devito?

    only good thing he ever did was release that purple nyc cd in 1999
  11. arguably the best two producers of 05...angelllo and ingrosso dont come around that often whos in for a serious nite of electro/house
  12. An advice needed re the NYE2007 party in NYC

    Captiale best deal in the city and the nicest place....no other venue like it
  13. BORIS Reviews!

    his party was sick.....very crowded but after the crowd cleared out around 8 he played some old school tracks...def got better with more room to dance....closed it out and the only thing i would have wished for was the vocals to shakedown- at night which he dropped 3 songs b4 closing...boris consistently puts on a good set/show it seems his parties have the best crowds(hottest chicks) so he def one of the better nyc djs.....musically victor is the king of nyc rite now but as far as overall party i think borat "is king of the castle"....i think if we were to rewind time about 7 years boris would be where jp was in the late 90's....
  14. ultra nyc

    anyone hear anything or been to the new bar/club ULTRA on w26th
  15. What it means to be Silverbull

    there is no way that people actually dressed up like silverbull for halloween!!! where were these pics taken?? and who are those losers dressed like silverbull with the tv dinners?