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  1. For bottle/table service and guestlist info message me or email me at AOL S/N MikeK12258
  2. DJ BORIS MARATHON @ The New Afterhours 11/5

    bout to head out there with cople of my friends.. should be fun.. 1L
  3. JOHNNY [email protected] on thurs aug 11th

    looks like Johnny is spinning a lot of house parties comming up....he's going to be a disco this saturday night/sunday morning...wonder if he's changing his style again?
  4. DJ [email protected] LE SOUK this weds

    yeah man what a dope party las night.. i had lotta fun wit you guys man.. this is argdiesel by the way at my boy's house.. got two numbers lol shit was fun
  5. attn: silverbull & argdiesel

    yeah man i'm still down.. iw as at lezouk las night practisin my windmill for ya man.. but uhm yeah saturday sounds good man les do it.. bring your knee pads. this argdiesel at my boys' crib.
  6. DJ [email protected] LE SOUK this weds

    merritt fockin tore that ish upppppppppp