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  1. Defected - "in The House" @ Nerve

    'n this one back up after a week in Tahoe... Missing the house-heads!
  2. To get things started in true LUST fashion, Nerve will be providing complimentary cocktails for Ladies ALL NIGHT LONG! We will be doing a sneak-preview to our new bi-weekly residency @ Nerve! A fusion of Art <> Fashion <> Deep House as we feature local artists, photographers, fashionistas and multi-media artists each week This week > Lust4house.com & Laid Back Luc present SHINDIG SATURDAY MARCH 27TH featuring the sexy, deep-house sounds of dj's JASON WIGGILL - Laid Back Luc | S. Africa JUAN MEJIA - djJuanMejia.com | S. Beach VAUGHAN LAZAR - Lust4house.com SHELDON PRINCE - Soulfuric | Lust4house.com featuring the artwork of CAROLINE GEYS www.carolinegeys.com FREE WELL DRINKS FOR THE LADIES! ALL NIGHT Upcoming www.Lust4house.com Events EVERY FRIDAY @ Opium Friday 3/26 - Offical Fitness Expo Launch Party http://www.mansionmiami.com/fitness/ EVERY OTHER SATURDAY @ NERVE Sat. 4/10 - Defected "In The House" CD Release Party w/ Soulfuric Sat. 4/27 - Halo
  3. LUST presents HALO!

    HALO's BIO Halo's career in dance music has always been about evolution. What he has learned and how he has progressed throughout his professional life have contributed to his metamorphosis both as a DJ and producer. Credited with a diverse and remarkably long list of productions, remixes and collaborations, a stable and successful independent record label, a high profile vinyl outlet, prestigious residencies and a globetrotting DJ schedule, the past few years have seen Halo take the industry by storm. Now, with a newfound drive to proceed with a solo production career, extensive tour dates and an artist album on the horizon, Halo is once again shedding his skin and embarking on a fresh and innovative sonic journey. Born in Chicago in 1974, Brian Varga was introduced to house at an early age. He remembers attending early underground loft parties and being educated on disco and early house sounds. "At these parties, it was all about the music," Brian remembers. Among his most memorable experiences growing up in Chicago were witnessing such visionaries as Diz, DJ Frique, Glenn Underground, Gene Hunt, Terry Hunter, Lil¹ Louis, DJ Rush and Dj Whiteout. In 1992, Brian began working alongside friend DJ Sneak at local wax retailer, Hip House. The art of DJing intrigued him. He began building his vinyl collection and took to the decks in his mid teens. Like many up-and-comers of that era in Chicago, the now legendary Derrick Carter, Miles Meada and Mark Farina influenced him heavily. In high school, Brian was given the nickname Halo and later, began DJing around the city under the same moniker. Young and restless, he eventually yearned for more than just playing music. "As the years went by, I discovered that I wanted to make music that I could play and that hopefully, people would respond to," says Halo. He began releasing solo and joint projects on Chicago's Moody Recordings. His efforts with Hipp-e as H-Foundation were soon picked up by west coast imprint Siesta and as the midwestern dance scene began to grow stale around the millennium, Halo relocated to San Diego. In 2001, he launched his own Bluem Recordings, which is now approaching twenty releases from such celebrated producers as DJ Deep & Franck Rogers, Fresh & Low, Andre Harris, Souldoubt and Charles Webster. "I wanted to be able to put out music from people who have inspired me over the years," says Halo. "The label is headed in a direction that I'm happy with and we're releasing music that I love to play. It's about quality, not quantity." Now, years into his career, Halo has recorded for a lengthy list of globally acclaimed labels including Large, Nordic Trax, NRK, Om and Yoshitoshi and has remixed the likes of Afromystik, Nigel Hayes, Morgan Page and countless others. Back in 1997, he was recognized by industry trade rag Billboard for his rework of Joey Negro's "Can't Get High Without You" on Subliminal. The track sat at #1 on the Billboard Dance Chart for three consecutive weeks. Selections from his discography appear on such high profile compilations as Mark Farina's Connect, Ben Watt and Jay Hannan's Lazy Dog Volume 1, Jay-J and Miguel Migs' In the House and Kaskade's recent installment of San Francisco Sessions, Soundtrack to the Soul. His own mixed discs include Muzik Box on Moody, Nite:Life 02 on NRK (with Hipp-e), Siesta Sessions, Mixed Bluem and fabric 07 (with Hipp-e). In April 2003, Glasgow's forward-thinking Soma released H-Foundation's highly anticipated full-length effort Environments. Halo's blend of deep, soulful house with spacey, sophisticated rhythms is keenly rooted in the early dance floor sounds of New York and Chicago. The brand of music he has fashioned is comfortable and timeless; it just fits. His productions, which reside in the record boxes of the world's top tastemakers, are equally relevant month after month, year after year. Behind the decks, Halo remains among the most respected in the industry and continues to assert that DJing is his first passion. Purveying this sound, he has traveled around the world hitting far off destinations like Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Byron Bay, Singapore, Sydney, Tel Aviv and the regular hot spots in Europe and the Americas. In early 2003, the Siesta shop opened in San Diego, where Halo is a partial owner. His recent studio projects include the When House Was EP on his own Bluem, a 2nd Shift remix feat Heather for Seasons Recordings, two collaborative rerubs of Afromystik's "Natural" with Andre Harris for Om, reworks of Panyard's "Brokenheart" for Bluem and 95 North's "Jazz Ascension" with Jay-J for Large, amongst other studio efforts with the Moulton Studios chief. Halo is currently at work on his debut artist album, which he hopes to finish by the close of 2004. Next year's map also includes plans to tour Brazil, Europe and South Africa . Meanwhile, three years into his residency, Halo continues to rock London's Fabric every six weeks and cooks it up home style monthly at Chicago's famed Smart Bar. In November 2003, he began hosting a weekly show on XM Radio. City Deep Sessions, which features Halo and accompanying international guests, can be heard both online and on XM's channel 80. In January, he launches a new Sunday monthly in his current home, San Diego.
  4. LUST4house.com Schedule....

    We have just added HALO to the NERVE line-up Saturday April 24th!
  5. LUST presents HALO!

    In a countinuing effort to bring top-notch HOUSE talent to S. Florida for our new bi-weekly residency @ nerve.... we are proud to present for THEE FIRST TIME outside of WMC, world renowned dj/producer HALO BlueM | Large Music | Siesta | H-Foundation | San Diego SATURDAY APRIL 24TH @ NERVE more details to follow.... www.lust4house.com And don't miss out... This Saturday w/ Laid Back Luc 4/10 - Defected "In The House" CD realease party w/ Soulfuric
  6. LUST4house.com Schedule....

  7. How Old...

    I'm 31... can you say GRANDPA MUNSTER! I love the 19 year-old drugged up young-ettes though! Virgo in the house! PATRON PRESERVES THE BODY!
  8. LUST4house.com Schedule....

    Hey everyone... for all our househeads friends, or even friends of the PATRON, here is Vaughan & Sheldon's schedule for the next couple of weeks... EVERY FRIDAY - Opium, Miami Beach www.opiummiami.com EVERY OTHER Saturday - SHINDIG @ Nerve, Miami Beach 3/27 - Laid Back Luc 4/10 - Defected in the House - Soulfuric CD Release Party 4/24 - HOLY SHIT... Wait til you see this one! FIRST FRIDAY of EVERY MONTH - Delux, Delray Beach visit our site for pics, mixes, charts and all that stuff we call house! It may not be your cup of tea, but we are your locals, so show some love!
  9. Who here djs?

    I want to go camping with you... do you want to go camping with me?
  10. See You Soon! Dc In Miami!!!

    Look forward to everyone coming down to my house for WMC! I hope everyone has a safe trip and parties responsibly... in other words bring a hat and some sunscreen!!! Weather lookin nice!!! www.lust4house.com
  11. Look forward to everyone coming down to my house for WMC! I hope everyone has a safe trip and parties responsibly... in other words bring a hat and some sunscreen!!! Look nice!!! www.lust4house.com
  12. Look forward to everyone coming down to my house for WMC! I hope everyone has a safe trip and parties responsibly... in other words bring a hat and some sunscreen!!! Look nice!!! www.lust4house.com
  13. See You All Soon!!!

    Look forward to everyone coming down to my house for WMC! I hope everyone has a safe trip and parties responsibly... in other words bring a hat and some sunscreen!!! Look nice!!! www.lust4house.com V-Diddy