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  1. I'm back (march 11th to 16)

    What kind of music are played for those nights???? And also, where would be the best place to get a table???? Thanx
  2. Las Vegas March 10 - 14???

    Can somebody help????????? :confused:
  3. Las Vegas March 10 - 14???

    I will be heading to Las Vegas during those dates and I am wondering if it will be any good. I usually go to South Beach for Spring Break, but this year my friends decided that we mix it up a little and go to Vegas. I have a few questions .... 1. Is it even going to be warm during those dates? 2. Is Vegas popular for Spring Break or is Vegas just a all year around party town? 3. We booked our hotel at the Mirage, is it any good, and will there be a young crowd at this hotel or just all old people? 4. Which places should we go to to have a good time? I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me out, and also if there is more to know about Vegas to let me know about it. Thanx