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  1. Sound Factory Is Done Forever

    I'm a pussy! ))
  2. Sound Factory Is Done Forever

    Yo dude, I would have looked at you, what would you do, when there are 2 guys doing one girl, and the guys were really big too. I see you coming out of the stall in a superman outfit, and telling them: you let that girl go, and then beat the shit out of them and then runaway with that girl. It's impossible.. it's their own business and I keep my nose out of other's peoples business in order not to get my ass kicked or end up in PD, I'll just take a leak, wash my hands and then go back up and have a lot of fun. This stuff happens to people all the time. If the girls are that stupid that they take so goddamn much that they can't handle it - it's their problem. And probably that crappy experience would teach them a lil bit. Anyways, undercover cops suck, that's what we all should be afraid of. They look young and normal, but now they're making it that way that you can't trust anyone which really fucking sucks.
  3. Sound Factory Is Done Forever

    I was there that night. Got there by 11:30 ... it was dead like 10 people ... mostly japanese, by 3 o'clock it was kinda packed ... about 400 people I saw a lot of drugs going on. I saw a girl totaly trashed being f*cked by 2 guys in the mens room on the 1st level .. she was all convulsing and shit. Then I saw 3 girls snort some meth. Well nothing strange was going on. The music was pretty good. I left about 5 does anyone know what time did the cops come?
  4. clubs and raves

    raveclick . com - awesome site February 28th (Saturday) - WEIRD SCIENCE by Underground Labz, Audiophile Rec & Bass Connection LINE UP: DJ FUNK DREAD SYKOPATH JEN MATH MYTH - I S GIL-T DANK DJ SHY HAVOK PROPHET SOMA PRIME aka RITALIN NRGIZER HOWHARD WIT? KEMIKALZ MASSACRE MISSINTERPRETED HEATHCLIFF CER RICHIE NEALE DJ ARCADE INTEGRITY KIND NICK K-WEST HEXXUS TODD BUCKLER LOCATION: @ 48 Bowery NYC- right off canal st - by train take the n/r/q/w/j/m/z/6 trains to Canal Street walk up to Bowery right across from the Manhattan bridge Info:12 dollars entry before 12 W/ a Flyer - $15 after 12 ALL AGES!!! Doors: 9pm- 6am - Infoline 212.560.2447 - Bring ID to Drink
  5. Drum N Bass scene in NY

    Yeah and by the way does anyone know where I can get a good id in the city?
  6. I just moved to the area from Cali and I have no idea about the clubs or lounges in NYC who have some good dnb or jungle.