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  1. Louie Vega @ Deep Sunday - Are you in?

    Is that you RM!?!?! Lol.. you found your way, huh?
  2. My fellow CP peeps

    Long time no talk! Just wanted to say I'm having a BBQ tomorrow @ my house so you guys are invited.. I'm having a DJ and EVERYTHING! woohoo. Hit me up @ [email protected] for more details.

    Hey.. who this be???? ROD?!?!?
  4. WUTZ up PEOPLE?

    awe.. thanks guys.. haven't been in the mix for a minute, yo! Happy dayz to you!!!!
  5. we need more la cp peeps

    hahaha.. FUNNY STUFF!
  6. WUTZ up PEOPLE?

    Hey GUYS! Yah I've been good.. I was asked which sites I go on and I remembered this one So any meet ups lately?!?!! BUNNY- lol
  7. we need more la cp peeps

    Dayum... I shouldn't have said anything about this PLACE on NLC!! doh! j/k
  8. WUTZ up PEOPLE?

    Haven't Checked in in a minute, YO! wut it is?
  9. we need more la cp peeps

    Hey hey.. member ME?!?!?! Hows it does it?
  10. Sorry I couldn't make it for the meet up! Had prior commitment! Hope you guys had a BLAST! Next TYME
  11. To guide me into the party that is VEGAS!!! Suggestions on some decent,but inexpensive rooms to stay at for the weekend.. And places to definately hit up!! Please help me!!
  12. Getting ready for the big move

    Belle- are you excited??????
  13. i'm spinning tonight at sunset and vine

    DeepFunk- Congrats on that!!
  14. Hey why are you getting it on with that whore of your's in Jersey? oh and because we understand people like you-> fat, ugly and unhappy with your life.
  15. I'm new and I have a ?

    I copied this from wantickets.com! Driving the VJ system will be the kings of “mash-ups and mainstream remixesâ€, Swedish Egil and VJ Todd. Hip hopin’ on the courtyard, DJ Dexterious and 4REAL, plus the VIP house lounge with DJ Roland. The MIDNIGHT SMASH live stage show, “Psychodrama†Hair and make-up by Paul Mitchell-the school and clothing by Catwalk. And introducing the DIEZEL VIXENS, costumed by Chic Designs. $20 pre-sale no-wait guaranteed-entry. ORANGE COUNTY IS ABOUT TO BE ROCKED! History is in the making as Southern California’s 3 largest and most influential nightclubs join forces to create the biggest club to ever hit California! Damian Sanders (co-founder of Rubber, Pimp ‘n Ho and Summer of Love) Darryl Garcia (co-founder of Live, Cupids and Raw) and Gavin Haughey (co-founder of Naked, Cupids and all around P.I.M.P.) are finally joining together to bring you the biggest nightclub experience ever. This is the scene-changing club we’ve all been waiting for! Get ready to be rocked! PREPARE FOR AN AUDIO / VIDEO FUSION OF EPIC MAGNITUDE! June 26th, everything you thought you knew about clubbing will be forever changed. CLUB DIEZEL will be premiering a revolutionary concept that will have you freakin’ in your boots. You won’t just hear the music and you won’t just feel the bass, but now, you’ll also see it on our 6 mega-screens. CLUB DIEZEL will be introducing Pioneer’s industry changing DVD music-video mixing system, and you won’t believe your eyes. Mix this with 10 of Orange County’s sexiest dancers, 30 personal dance stages, 70 new couches and the wildest stage shows ever, and you’ve got CLUB DIEZEL. Be forewarned, we’re on a mission to blow you away! CLUB DIEZEL, THE NEW ENGINE OF ORANGE COUNTY. URL: http://WWW.CLUBDIEZEL.COM Location: Grove of Anaheim, The 2200 E. Katella Ave. Anaheim, CA 92806 Hours: 9:00:00 PM - 2:00:00 AM Info Lines: (714) 712-7200 Capacity: 2500