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  1. flying up from the west coast to catch this party! can't wait.. anyone else here going?
  2. It's on the flyer and heard Danny mention it two weeks ago at Be Yourself
  3. Anyone going to catch this legendary party on Friday night. Two of my favorite djs are going to rock the night... Can't wait!!!!
  4. Actually I loved Behrouz's set. I blame the club for not promoting the place that well for this party and IMO he played an amazing set. He even had David Morales groovin to his beats. From what I have heard, Friday nights are not doing too well at Spirit and they are trying to vamp up the place. Nevertheless, it was a mistake to book Junior in the other room and have Behrouz on the main floor because it made the main floor look dead in comparison to Junior's party. Also, I noticed that once that dumb fire dance is over with, people always leave. It kills the vibe of the club. They need to get rid of that thing.
  5. Well I consider Behrouz a cross between Danny Tenaglia and Deep Dish (that's my interpretation of his style). He can go from progressive to tribal to house to tech in an interesting way.
  6. Excuse me, Behrouz is definitely a somebody and don't be dissing dj's just because Junior is your favorite. Behrouz is one helluva dj and producer plus here in the West Coast and to be concise, all over, he is considered an world class dj. He was nominated for Dancestar awards for best breakthrough dj and plays in NY on a continual basis. I agree that it's weird to have Junior playing in the other room but remember it's two separate parties with separate entrances and that's the way they wanted things!
  7. its all about OSCAR G at SPirit tonight who IN> ?!

    Did any of you guys catch Behrouz's set at Sound Factory or Discotheque?
  8. Behrouz at soundfactory..

    Did anyone catch Behrouz at discotheque?
  9. News concerning Crobar After-Hours

    Why don't you guys come check out Behrouz at Discotheque afterhours (2/7)... He's also spinning at the Sullivan Room on Saturday night before Discotheque.
  10. I heard Behrouz will be playing at Sound Factory on the 15th... You lucky devils.. He's going to rip the place apart... Sounds like SF is coming out with some slamming parties!
  11. Deep Dish Postponed

    yeah, but i bought my airline ticket that's non-changeable to see them that weekend and it sucks that they pull this again. it's happened before too. just don't understand the unprofessionalism.
  12. Deep Dish Postponed

    That SUCKS!!!! Why do they always pull this a week before the gig??? That's why I lost faith in that duo a long time ago..... I'm not going to listen to them ever again.....