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  1. http://www.backwash.com/content_frame.php?id=b69efb27aa1f010ec69144e52f54b272&sf= check it out it's really worth it!!
  2. Wassup!!

    Don't tease a hungry girl w/ pizza! Thanx for the welcome all!!
  3. Wassup!!

    Thanx Hot!!
  4. jazz for 20somethings?

    That's why I need to get outta Gainseville, there's absolutely no jazz lounges for a gal like me to chill at... Yes Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Frank Sinatra...they all are consideres great music in my book...I know many people my age do not listen to anything of that sort..Iam 26... So far the best place I have found for a trues jazz lover to visit is no doubt New Orleans. This is a city that was not only the origin of jazz itself, but one of it's greats Louis Armstrong. Thisa city seems to thrive on music..just take a walk and find tons of starving musicians roaming around from club to club playing for anyone that will listen. I also had the fortune to hear a great trumpeter play a set and he was able to soound just like Louis Armstrong it was creepy!
  5. Wassup!!

    Ya all are so friendly! Hiya Des!
  6. jazz for 20somethings?

    Hey all, Just curious to know if there are others out there like me...don't find many 20something year olds that are interested in the good old jazz!
  7. Favorite Wine?

    I dig the Pinot Grigio as well...
  8. Wassup!!

    Hey Glow thanx for the warm welcome! How's it Hangin?
  9. Wassup!!

    I point my guns where ever i like thank you!
  10. Wassup!!

    I'm the new chick in town and I wanted to say hi!