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  1. Pure Vs. Tryst?

    Thanks Greenie and LaLate.
  2. Pure Vs. Tryst?

    What about Saturday night? Went to Pure on a Sat. a couple months ago and it was insane now the the group is leaning towards Tryst. Should we stick with Pure? And yes we're doing bottle service... Thanks.
  3. Pure Vs. Tryst?

    So whats the verdict? If only had one night, which would you hit up?...
  4. Afterhours Jan 6/7

    Any special guests to speak of scheduled to be in town the weekend of the 6/7th? Thanks in advance.
  5. Friendly Service at Space - HA!!

    Why would you pay that kind of dollar for those djs when they live and play stateside all the time when you could go see some djs that are playing hell of a lot better music at cheaper venues? I guess there is just no accounting for taste. See you all at BED.
  6. Teifschwarz at Nocturnal Sunday. Tiga void unfortunately not filled, unless someone knows something I don't...
  7. Like I said, can't wait to see them try...
  8. Going to be tough for them to top last year but I can't wait to see them try.
  9. Spirit=Twilo?

    Sounds good all. If nothing else, it has to be better than Space down here in Miami. The people down here don't have a clue. One last things, are cameras allowed in the club. You know, to capture memories for the folks back home. Cheers.
  10. Spirit=Twilo?

    Really? Nice. Looking forward to checking it out. Is BED attached to it, or something like that?
  11. Spirit=Twilo?

    Heading up for the anarchy that will be Holden and Lazarus in October at Spirit and I'm just curious about how closely this place resembles the hallowed halls of Twilo. Went once for a S&D show way back when and just remember that place being a zoo. Just curious about what Spirit is like, comaparatively speaking. I always thought the lights in Twilo were tops. System wasn't bad either...
  12. NAME YOUR LINEUP! And maybe you'll get it...

    Vath Ivan Smagghe Tiga Hell Iain Mac Mavs Oh wait, you said NY, nevermind...
  13. Hummus Appreciation Thread

    God bless the chic pea.
  14. tiesto...u piece of merda!!

    Says it all...
  15. all I have to say is....

    Wednesday night at BED was one of the best sets - musically and programming wise - I've ever heard. I almost made the fatal mistake of going to Lawler as well. Vath killed with his masterfrully crafted minimal yet banging tunes. Perfect venue, vibe, crowd (actual good girl/guy ratio with girls as up for it as the fellas). Feel bad for those who chose poorly between these two parties.