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  1. Mirage Review

    Wow The Place Was Packed There Was So Many Hot Girls There And They Were So Nice When You Went To Talk To Then They Did Not Brush You Off Music Was Great Can't Wait For Next Week Bob g And Bmi And Breeze Have A Great Party There Keep Up The Good Work Guys
  2. adam s is a jerk off now go and kill your self:blown:
  3. ii know what happend to draper adam s fuck up his hole shit when you got somebody like adam s booking your party you are so fucked he fucked over all the promoter in nyc and still has not paid me for the party i did with him in the last 2 years so a big fuck you to adam s
  4. black review

    Holy Shit I Had A Blast Saturday Night The Music Was On Point Can't Wait Till Saturday
  5. black wow

    she is not your sister and if she is what's her number
  6. black wow

    yo nynj do you know that girl with the pink hat she gave me her number but i lost what a dick head i am lol i hope the club is open next week and she is there
  7. black wow

    i had so much fun at black i hooked up with so many girls i had a great time yeh there was some jerk offs there but you get that in any club the music was good i can't wait for next week
  8. Exit2 HAS NOT been sold

    the old exit staff was all assholes
  9. Exit2 HAS NOT been sold

    hey dumb ass jp bought it and it is opeing on march 13
  10. yeh i know who you are adam s a big bitch
  11. whitewidow

    hey adam s your a dick
  12. whitewidow

    hey you are the guy who did that bull shit party at centro fly and put the dj's names on the flyer and they was not even booked to play and you got fired from plaid and from every club you worked at because you never want to pay the promoters your nothing but a jerk off how many people did you do on new years eve oh i for got you did not have a party bobby did 11.000 and you did dick so don't talk shit you little bitch
  13. everybody knows who you are stop your shit:jerkoff:
  14. hey whitewidow your that asshole that never pays people when they work with you your with the people who throw the party at centro fly oh yeh real good guys:jerkoff:
  15. [email protected] The Roxy Roll Call

    i hope to see you there