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  1. VIOLENCE around NYC clubs - what's going on?

    OMG!!! WHO CARES!!! As long as no one does ANYTHING to discourage DGModel from wearing next to nothing, life could be a dream sweetheart . . .
  2. VIOLENCE around NYC clubs - what's going on?

    Whatever . . . . . violence schmiolence!!!! Let's stop all this nonsense and get right to the point-- DGModel should be bronzed!! YOWSERS!!!!!!!!! PS - I STILL think stripping naked will end club violence.
  3. Murk At Crobar

    NEVER EVER NEBVER NEBEREBNEVR BENVERERR!! I'll NEVER EVER get over THIS!! I'm just TOO angry!! In fact, I'm seething! Check me out --> AARRGH!!! , now THAT'S pissed! I . .feel . . myself . . becoming . . the Hulk!! First the World Trade Center, and now THIS!!!
  4. Murk At Crobar

  5. Murk At Crobar

    Although I'm basically pretty heartless, I see your point.
  6. Murk At Crobar

    I had a one night stand with HelloKitty30 and now it burns when I make pee pee.
  7. VIOLENCE around NYC clubs - what's going on?

    Daaaaaaaaaaaamn straight girl !!
  8. VIOLENCE around NYC clubs - what's going on?

    As long as I get there same time as dgmodel, strippin' naked sounds FANTASTIC.
  9. Party was great -- full but not jammed & Tsunami attracted a nice assortment of little Asian senoritas (if you are in to that kind of thing).
  10. I'm gonna take you down, down to China town!