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  1. Sunless Tanners

    I am really scared to try a sunless tanning lotion! The sublime bronze doesn't turn you orange does it?
  2. Sunless Tanners

    I know this is a little of subject, but has anyone ever used a sunless tanner? I am thinking about buying Neutrogena instant Bronzer, but I am kind of scared. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. the oc's

    Hi! I need a little help here. Do you think that it would be really bad to do the oc's early in the day and then roll that same night?
  4. Yellow Xanax Bars

    I have had those before. I thought they were just as strong as the regular white Xanax bars. I heard the yellow was codeine, but I'm really not sure.
  5. Wet Coke

    My husband and I got Coke in Cancun that was like that. It was so wet we could only smoke it in a blunt.
  6. Djing a Swingers Party...Help Plz.

    How about I want to go bang.
  7. Coke

    What are you man? Do you have any friends?
  8. Coke

    That's not something to be bragging about.
  9. Coke

    What makes you think that you know all there is to know? I do believe alot of the answers are accurate. If they are not there is going to be someone out there that disagrees and the truth comes out. I think you need to get a piece of ass or something.
  10. Coke

    So there!
  11. Coke

    Why do you have to be so fucking ignorant. People on this board write in with real questions and want real responses and opinions. It does help to know that you can get answers before you do something that may harm you. Nobody attacked you so why do you have to be a hater?
  12. What About Good Ole G??

  13. plugging pills

    I've heard some people say to crush the pill before insertion. What do think is best? Also, has anyone ever had a bad expierence doing this?
  14. What About Good Ole G??

    Keep asking you will find it eventually. Alot of strippers use G and it is at after parties alot. Most people that roll use G to come down on.
  15. plugging pills

    What is your method of doing it?