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  1. Revolution Grand Opening

    Jerry Bonham i heard alot of good thing about him from friends, but never seen him so ill check it out
  2. [email protected] Hype thread

    Did anyone get the new sasha cd? well i just got it and it was Off the wall, Awsome CD i love track 1,3 and 8 also the other cant wait to see how he will do at crobar ;D
  3. Sasha---Involver

    awsome cd glad i bought it and would recommended it to everyone
  4. you favorite parties

    Yea i thought so too, chris look like he was just a regular old joe but when he got on the deck man he really impress me
  5. you favorite parties

    Sasha and Digweed - mansion Digweed and Chris fortier - NERVE first time seeing chris live he totally rock it
  6. Sasha and Digweed

    At Ultra i admitt it wasnt there best but they sure did make it up at club mansion, 1 hour maybe even less for 2 DJ at ultra i think they just play what they thought was catchy and didnt really build up there set because of time but put them two together and give them a couple of hours i bet anyone would be amaze
  7. PVD, Murk @Space Friday

    Jerry Bonham from what i heard from my friends in Denver,he an awsome DJ I wish i was there at SPace to see him spin live
  8. Sasha and Digweed

    THE BEST EVENT AT WMC it was off the hook nice setup with the 3 projector screen and the lazer was tight and the club looks great the crowd was awsome Sasha and Digweed played some amazing stuff i was really impress, so if anyone can find the tracklisting for that night i would be so greatful OH YEA saw Puffy and loon there while i was waiting in line for a hour with advance ticket , but i was glad i waited cause inside was wicked there was one tune that really stood out for me and i cant stop thinking about it, digweed drop it around like 230 and 3 and on the projector there was a picture of a budda and some temple thing so if any of you who was there knows it hook me up with the name of it Sasha drop Unkle - in a state and to hear that live makes u hear the full effect of that song, i loved it Overall i had a great time and also got digweed autograph and picture so that was cool, so if any of u that couldnt make it, i would be jealous because this was the best event for wmc
  9. Sasha/Hipp-E in Tampa last night!!

    Unkle - in a state that song is tightttttttttt
  10. CoolJunkie t-shirts

    ill get one
  11. Promoting Question...Please Help!!!

    FOB hahah asian use that term all the time didnt think i would hear it in this forum ;D

    Go make it ill buy one
  13. Vote now!

    haha i mean ( i hope CJ win)
  14. Vote now!

    Yea i just voted CJ ;D So hope i CJ wins
  15. ***CJ BBQ 2/7/04***

    So is this this just a cj and cp thing, or can u can bring some other people along