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  1. Is Capitalizing The First Letter Of Every Word The New Way to Write A Promo? I Wish I Got That Memo Before I Promoted Any Of My Favorite Nights -- It's Got To Be The Answer To Save The Scene.
  2. Welcome back blueboarders

    Commodore 64.. *psh* that's high tech. I had an Atari 800! The Blueboard is having it's server changed -- it'll be up soon. Don't get your panties in a bunch I know, it sucks. I have to do work now too, ya know.
  3. where do u eat in ibiza?

    There are a few really nice restaurants in the d'alt villa.. There are plenty of little places around Ibiza Town and Playa d'en Bossa.. Don't worry -- you won't have a problem.. As for a nicer way to go -- We ate dinner at both Pacha and El Divino.. Both nights cost about 50e each between 7 people but it's all 5 star food.. Plenty of bottles of wine, etc.. Very worth the money -- plus, you get free admission into the club (20-35e).. Good luck and don't be afraid to explore.. Make sure you get some fresh Paella!
  4. Guinness Private Event

    ha! I'm actually getting some work done for a change, it's nice. I needed a little break, though
  5. Guinness Private Event

    is that the hot one i was eyeing? I'm going Mon may 10th
  6. UK Dance night Promoter for hire!

    oh of course
  7. UK Dance night Promoter for hire!

    lol always working the angle, ras.
  8. Dj Tiesto

    weird.. maybe him spinnin in the terrace then in the morning was the 'special surprise'
  9. Breaks DJ during Space Fri (PVD)

    I've heard Icey a bunch back in the day but he's always played funky florida breaks -- which weren't for me.. Glad to hear him drop the Nu-school/progressive.. I was rocking it!! Made me forget PVD went on! I had to pay the damn door guy $15 to get back in.
  10. All -- Who was the breaks DJ ripping up the nu-school/progressive breaks around midnight into like 1-2:00am? I thought he was phenomenal but I couldn't see who it was.... Anyone know?
  11. Do you mean for the Sunrise party with DJ Dan and Glaude? I got in but we got there around 8pm -- we ate dinner on the front porch of the hotel then got in fine....... I don't know how it was earlier on in the day.
  12. Dj Tiesto

    I was on the terrace from opening to about 12pm and I didn't see Morillo up there... IT was Sander K then the Space resident.. Tiesto made an appearance but didn't spin
  13. Dj Tiesto

    lately, I have been very hit-or-miss with Tiesto... I thought his set @ Ultra was kinda lacking and was boring..... He defintely proved me wrong Sunday night -- WOW!!! Best Trance set I've ever heard of my life.. Reminded me of the greatness of some of the mix cds I have of him from 98/99/00 -- Such as the Live @ Energy 2000.. I hope someone managed to pull a recording of the set or at least a track listing -- There are a couple of IDs I would love to figure out what they were.... EVEN though the place was mobbed and you couldn't move, it was a phenomenal time.. OH -- As for Sander K, he didn't play on the Terrace while Tiesto was playing he played AFTER Tiesto in the morning.