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  1. Cassidy Wanted for Murder

    just heard this on the radio.. hot 97.. Cassidy Wanted for Murder that occured April 15... ne 1 else here bout this?
  2. New R&B

    ppl really slept on jon b.. that boy can blow. and he makes songs that actually have meaning to them..
  3. New R&B

    Have you guys heard Luda's new artist Bobby Valentino? That boy can sing! I got some tracks from his upcoming album from a friend, that albums gonna be hott. And have yall heard Usher's new track, Dot Com? That's a hot one too. Also, Jon B got some nice tracks too.
  4. Reggae/Dancehall/Hiphop

    Where are all the dancehall, reggae, and/or hiphop clubs in the Boston area? How about in RI? And what events are going on this week relate to those genres of music?
  5. B-boy stance... k-os

    I did a search but I didn't find anything.... so i'd like to see some feedback?
  6. B-boy stance... k-os

    What you guys think?
  7. New Joint By Nas

    y do it hink i posted in the wrong section lol
  8. New Joint By Nas

    so he has what ike 3-4 club joints? lets do a ratio. 3-4 joints to.... how many songs has he created? nuff said.
  9. New Joint By Nas

    LOLOLOL @ the kid n play joke....... ghhhhhhhost can be added to the list of NAS HATERS........ every1 knows that Nas is SICK lyrically, and hjis albums are always hot. sorry he doesnt do too many club joints.. sorry he's just trying to keep it real. go on wit ya self
  10. New Joint By Nas

    yes the ski masks were nice lol. u think his new cd is gonna be hot?
  11. New Joint By Nas

    So What Are People Thinking About Nas's New Joint? See The Video? He's Lookin Mad Different.. Like He's Been Working Out.. Not Felein The Metal Teeth Business Goin On.. Song Is Pretty Deep I Must Say It's Not For Those Lookin For Sumthin To Bump To At The Club.. Id Like To See Some Feed Back.
  12. Song ID?

    his song "Sweet to the Belly", the egyptian one, is FUCKING OFF THE HOOK. ITS SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK... mm it's sweet to the belly.. squeeze up your breast like jelly.. go chelley... mm she sing like kelly..
  13. Someone Tell Me Please

    what The Hell Is There To Do On Saturdays In Boston? Lounges? Bars? Clubs? Anything Tell Me
  14. Scooby Doo Party Break

    oh word. you got any favorite reggae tracks you wanna let me know? you know any good websites for reggae stuff like dancing.. new songs.. etc? let me know!
  15. Scooby Doo Party Break

    i got mad ill reggae songs and that one there is a hot one.. tek buddy gal is fire too. and if you dont have it already, you gots to download vybs kartel - sweet to the belly. that shit is FIYAHHH