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  1. catch them live @ OPERATION LOCKDOWN" MAY 27, 2005 FURTHER INFO: www.matame.net http://www.ngoht.hu/dl2/HardtraX_vs_Jackhamma_live_-_NGoHT_Mix_Hungary.mp3
  2. http://ti.whad.pl/_horyzont/[email protected]_Freedom_-_Paragraf_51_25.02.2005.mp3
  3. here's an older live pa from HArdtrax vs JAckhamma catch them live at "OPERATION LOCKDOWN" in NYC!! 5/27/05 http://www.darkforce-rec.de/HardtraX%20vs.%20Jackhamma%20-%20Live-Act%2022.05.mp3 futher info: www.darkforce-rec.de or www.matame.net
  4. Welcome our newest artist at MATAME Tomash Gee Tomasz Garczewski was born in 1982 in Glogow, Poland. Music, he liked, has always differed from the mainstream. At the beginning it was hip-hop. At that stage the adventure of producing his own tracks has began. In time of learning in secondary school, he was producing incidental music for his dudes. They were in favour of his music made on PC. At the end of '90 Tomek discovered music created by Aphex Twin and other well-known artist connected with that trend. This absorbed him in the world of electronic music and also let producing his own tracks. First made productions were in experimental style, rather agressive and noisy. Later he became interested in minimal techno, which very fast turned into hard techno and schranz. That's just what is continously taking up in his tracks and liveacts, which has gain a recognition in Poland and abroad. First vinyl releases have been given away in the end of 2003 by Crowbar Rec, Combat Skill and his own label - Methadon. Now Tomash is releasing on such labels as Fak, Arms, Dark Force, Fattm and he continues with Methadon. Creation of music is not the only passion of Tomek. Another one is graphic, which rather stands on the side because music is his main and biggest interest. You can watch his older works on www.muszaron.z.pl http://www.matame.net/MP3/[email protected]_kashmir_20040911.mp3 For booking contact [email protected] www.tomashgee.net or www.matame.net
  5. Just a little mix.. this time not so hard stuff.. but very dark and industrial tracks mixed together.. more a mix to listen! www.fascinator.nl/music/spark/Spark_Taberner_-_Nothing_Special_Mix_15.03.05.mp3 Further info: www.dj-spark.com or www.matame.net
  6. Matame kicks off its volume series with.... VOL. 1: HARDTRAX vs. JACKHAMMA LIVE SESSION!! pure evil & brutality at its best!!!! It's being featured as an EXCLUSIVE set on... http://www.technopride.net/matameseries.htm ENJOY!! FURTHER INFO: www.darkforce-rec.de or www.matame.net
  7. Main Floor (Downstairs) Hard Techno/Schranz C-Tag 9-10:15 Jav 10:15-11 DJ Amok 11-12:30 Arkus P (Live Act) 12:30-2:30 Viper XXL 2:30-4 (Upstairs) House/Tribal/Techno/Chillout Miss LP 9-10 Kind Nick 10-11 Jason BK 11-12 Kenneth L 12-1 Knowledge 1-2 Teknotoxin 2-3 C-Tag 3-4 *lots of free give-aways..GET THERE EARLY!!! Club Seho NYC 113 Ludlow Street (between Rivington & Delancey)
  8. May 27, 2005 MARK UR CALENDARS..OBI is coming back!!!

    Spark & Nitram Added to the Hard Techno lineup & more TBA!!!! Spark (Matame, Tekktribe, Crowbar, Subsurface) Spark has been busy with electronical music since he was a little kid. Always busy with taperecorders and stuff. He started playing the turntables for real in 1999 at the age of 13. He started with playing Hardcore, but then he realized that that wasn't the sound which he was looking for. He became more and more interested in Techno/Techhouse. Inspired by Carl Cox, he turned more and more to the harder side of Techno. Nowadays he plays HardTechno also known as "SCHRANZ". His favourite DJ's are Chris Liebing, Dave Clarke and Arkus P. His favourite producers are: Glenn Wilson, Arkus P and Invexis. In 2001 he got his first opportunity to perform in front of a live audience, this was in a club called: "the big beer" in Krimpen. After that performance he laid low for a while, until in 2002 he joined in an DJ-contest in Club "La Bateau" in Rotterdam. And he won!!! From then on it went straight up with his bookings. He's only 18 years old, but he has already performed at a lot of different parties like: Hardwaxx and Land Of The Lost. Spark is known for his energetic style behind the wheels of steel, always laughing, jumping and exiting the crowd. He 's really a DJ who knows to make a show of his performance, watch out for this guy.. he's a killer!!! www.dj-spark.com Nitram (Subsurface) Martin Engel alias Nitram was infected by the techno-virus at the age of fourteen in 1998. After buying some 08/15-cd-compilations he began to started stepping into the east and west german technoscene. Soon he bought his first records. While visiting clubs and the loveparade in '02 the virus was spreading out deeper and deeper inside his mind. 2003 bought his first technics sl1210 and the urgent need to learn spinning the wheels. Since '03 he organised parties in Rostock, first at Headgestr.17 then at Osthafen Rostock e.V. In 2003 a project called The Subsurface was established for performing uncommercial parties. www.the-subsurface.de
  9. Where to go?????

    check out new breed 2.19.05 Euro stylee!!
  10. Whats `on` on the 19th Feb??

    wooohooo NEW BREED!!!
  11. May 27, 2005 MARK UR CALENDARS..OBI is coming back!!!

    OBI Tobias Lüke aka OBI was Born in 1982 in Greven (Germany). His first contact with music was in school when he started to play drums.When he was 12 he got involved in electronic music.On his 14th birthday he got his first equipment to start mixing.First he began to spin housemusic and trance. With 16 he had his first gigs on smaller events or private parties. With 17 his style turned into techno. Slowly he got some gigs.He was 18 when he started to spin records in clubs. In feb. 2001 he was one of the winners of the new born dj contest at fusion club-münster. At the end of 2002 he started making own events in his hometown greven. TekkTribe was born. First it was only events, booking and promotion.But in april 2003 he started the label TekkTribe rec. with his first release "gehoersturz ep". Now tobias releases on different labels. www.tekktribe.de HARDTRAX German techno-DJ and producer HardtraX aka Rudi Holzgreve was born in West Germany in 1981. He discovered his love for electronic underground music at the age of eleven before he made his first experiencies in producing techno music in 1997. At that time, he was using Amiga computers to produce various tracks in different styles of music from techno, over deep house, acid, tech-house, trance, ambient, jungle and hardcore. Then, after a two-years-break he focussed on producing hard underground techno tunes and occasionally composing hardcore tracks. In 2001 he met Jackhamma and in 2002 they started producing together and have been performing live on several locations in Germany as “HardtraX vs. Jackhammaâ€. After having released some tracks and remixes on different labels (Plug'n'Play Rec., Distorted Rec., Tekk-Tribe), HardtraX teamed up with Jackhamma to found their label “Dark Force Recordings†in 2003 as a platform for their numerous hard, dark and straight-forward techno-tracks. Their first record on Dark Force Recordings named â€Evil Frequencies†reflect their hard-hitting, yet atmospheric, twisted and kicking technostyle. Future releases will also be used to promote other artists and new talents in order to show the complexity and diversity of their preferred styles of techno. Check out: www.darkforce-rec.de HardtraX & Jackhamma's label JACKHAMMA Jackhamma aka James Ritchie was born on 26th of december in 1979 in Münster, Germany. He already had a preference to electronic music as early as the end of the eighties. It was at the age of ten when he discoverd his love for this music. At the beginning he was listening to a wide choice of different styles. In 1996 he visited the legendary “Cosmic Club†in Münster (today known as “Fusion Clubâ€) for the first time. Since then he went to different clubs in Germany and England. In the meantime he and a few mates started a dj-project in school in which they had the opportunity to practise in mixing records. In early 2000 he focused on visiting the “Fusion Club†in Münster where he met Heiko Peisker formerly known as Junior Pushix. Inspired by the hard underground-techno he played James finally bought his own turntables and mixer in 2001. Nearly at the same time he met HardtraX and they started producing together. Furthermore they have performend in several locations in Germany as a live-act called “HardtraX vs. Jackhammaâ€. At the end of 2003 they decided to start with their own label “Dark Force Recordingsâ€. Its first record “Evil Frequencies†(DFR001) was released in december 2003 and reflects what the label is standing for: hard-banging, uncompromising, mind-blasting underground-techno. For more infos on these 3 artists check out: www.matame.net
  12. May 27, 2005 MARK UR CALENDARS..OBI is coming back!!!

    check out mixes by obi and hardtrax vs jackhamma @ www.matame.net
  13. HARDer please?

    Hard Techno in NYC since last year with the Hard Noize parties, if you are in the city in feb. we are having another hard techno party...NEW BREED..Feb. 19 @ Club Seho you'll def hear 160 bpm
  14. Matame & Kind Recordings are proud to announce: Friday - May 27, 2005 OPERATION LOCKDOWN Kick Off to Memorial Day Weekend!!!! Get ready to get another beating from O.B.I. cuz he is coming back again...this time with friends! Shocked Shocked O.B.I aka Tobias Luke (TekkTribe, Distorted, Matame) Germany HardtraX vs. Jackhamma LIVE!! (Dark Force Rec, Distorted, Matame) Germany Spark (Matame, Tekktribe, Crowbar, Subsurface) Netherlands Nitram (Subsurface) Germany & more.... TBA!! Location: TBA More infos to come. www.matame.net and www.kindkidz.com