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  1. Name that face -> ?

    It's game time bitches! Who can name that face with only one hint? HINT: "This fine lad was a member of the CP power couple elite status until recently until his gf gave him the SNIP * SNIP * SNIP"
  2. Hopeless Romantics

    MEMO TO WHITE ZINFANDEL BOY: Please apply for a position as my future assistant. You do a fine job of ass kissing and have feminine characteristics such as tastes in wine. Red is for men big guy! Yours Truly, - Dick
  3. Funniest hook ups!

    Please find a "DICKtionary" or take some lessons in grammar b4 posting.
  4. Hopeless Romantics

    {Note to self: Make up a fake girlfriend that I will "date" and "love" for several months. Then give her the SNIP, SNIP, SNIP and have the easy girls on the site all over me.}