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  1. Dissapointing NYE for sancib

    The two years I went it was actually either damp or cold. Outside (which was amazing) I was freezing. Inside upstairs was cold, downstairs was on the chill to average level. It was never a crowded mess and actually was less empty that a sporting event. Huge empty areas were everywhere. I remember sitting down on the floor inside one of the rooms and having a chat with teenagers that drove in from some neighboring state and we just all sat there with no one else around us and the dj playing about 30 feet away, like someone's living room. There is one part of the night for about 2 horus the main floor gets crowded, no more than a night at Avalon or similar. But that was it. The rest of the night was very spacious everywhere. I might go there this year myself. For the walking to the car, yeah, one year we parked an eternity - it was crazy. But the next 1-2 years I went I just forced my ass into the closer lots despite what secuirty said because there were spots there.
  2. Congrat's Mrs. Lolalalaaaaaa~!!

    Congrats. (Got married?) (Not up to date on the developments.)
  3. post your favorite private messages

    I have a handful of pms of Greenie's stored. They contradict and/or ommit what he says above.
  4. post your favorite private messages

    09:56 PM mahalomenehune vbmenu_register("postmenu_", true); volleyballer Join Date: Apr 2005 Location: good question Posts: 1,864 Re: hey Quote: Originally Posted by lalate dont leave. Thats silly. There is a ton of us, that at one time or another, have wanted to leave and our friends have shouted at us not to leave. There are some cool peeps on the board (mainly chicks). Dont leave dude. well thanks for wanting me, but u see im different. Im 15 years old, and i have never been to a single club in my life. So i really dont belong on these forums, i belong with other people like me, and i hav found no1 under 18.
  5. halloween = CP MEETUP TIME!!!!!!!

    generally do 1. 1 club 2. 1 house 3. parade 4. one wild party maybe this year do 2 of the above. lol still havent decided on costume.
  6. halloween = CP MEETUP TIME!!!!!!!

    [sniff.] lalate, you never call. You never write. Is it me? Is there someone else? According to our records, you haven't posted in several weeks. Please post. Please call. I miss you.
  7. hello

  8. R.I.P. Mr. Butch

    very sad ... sounded like a coo guy.
  9. Have you ever been abused by security?

    hey babydoll. how you been? thats coo. I CANT do Cinespace anymore lol because it wont compare to two years ago. We had our own major sized booth, all my friends would roll into it for free with me, 3 bottles, and I would just holla to any hottie to join me in their. It was great times. It only went down a few weeks but my god, the stuff that went down in that simple spot - scandaluuus.
  10. Have you ever been abused by security?

    Youd be shocked the stuff Ive heard and seen and experienced over the years, not there, but at other establishments.
  11. If I want to hear Armin, Id hear him out of town for less than $20. Not $45.
  12. Sugar

    lalate is co-hosting the party. [email protected] to rsvp. Details on our myspace page: www.myspace.com/lalate