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  1. The (brand spankin' new!) Club Review Thread

    1. name of club & location Facade...used to be Ivar...cross streets are Hollywood and Ivar 2. name of night/event Facade 3. name of night of the week Sunday 4. type of music & djs featured & whether or not those particular djs are there every week Hip Hop/ Club Joints 5. price ladies free b4 1030 6. is there a guestlist? if so, what does it get you? yup...free entry b4 1030 7. is there a dress code? yup...grown and sexy.lol.naw but upscale...no tennis shoes etc 8. free parking availabilty & parking lot availabilty & price heck no unless your lucky and can find one on the street. Valet is 20 dollars 9. door staff policy/attitude Bouncers are hecka strict. If your not dressed to par...then they will not let you in. But if your cute and stuff you shouldnt have a problem 10. age requirement 21+ 11. length of wait to get in I know someone at the door...so I dont wait...but prob like 20 min 12. general staff attitude Security guards inside are sooo nice! 13. drink strength & price Drinks are good. and a tab bit exspensive 14. bottle service & vip availability & price ummm... 15. decor/ambience 2 floors...upstairs is all glass and is vip. 16. size of club big 17. size of dancefloor big 18. how many rooms with music in them? 2...upstairs and downstairs 19. quality of patio/smoking area small 20. is there a place quiet enough to talk? come on!!! heck no! 21. sound system/lights dark 22. boy/girl ratio of crowd at first more girls than guys but it evens out 23. vibe of crowd chill 24. overall rating on scale of 1-10 (1 is lowest, 10 is highest) 9 25. would you go back? all the time!!!
  2. Sugar

    So I've heard a lot about this club and I'm thinking about going on Tues. I was supposed to go last Tues for the BET awards party but it was so packed I was like forget it.Ne feedback???