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  1. Halloween

    Weyes! So I know what I wanna be for Halloween!!! I am going to be a contradiction a Red Angel (could be Devil, could be angel) so me hahaha. I am already in the process of ordering items, gotta get on it early before the big rush. As for where well I did want to go to the shrine to see Deadmau5 and Simian Mobile Disco, but I now see that Sasha is playing around that time as well. Will K.I.T. lots of love
  2. Juddy Buddy

    Hey friend, I checked my email today and it said I had a PM from you. But when I logged in here, there was no message? We will def be at the Digers show on Sat. I will be wearing a I love John Digweed shirt I had made. I think I still have your #, will be it touch Whoo Hooo John Digweed Rules!!!
  3. NYE Giant ID check?

    Yeah they do check I.D.'s, remember they make you filter through turnstyle lines to various single file lines, boys separated from girls then at the end the security guards check your I.D. That was the procedure at ALL Giant events on Hope and Wilshire. So maybe to avoid all the chaos start working on you I.D. at the D.M.V as soon as u get here. It shouldnt be that hard if most immigrants from central america have them. Good luck to you, and if you go you will probably see Weyes and myself there.
  4. weyes' wisdom of the day - 8/19/08

    Aww Weyes, I am so sorry that happend to you. After 15-20mins you should have gone up to the receptionist and asked how long it would be, cause accidents do happen, paperwork gets lost, dropped, misplaced. Could be they lost track of your paperwork then realized what they did and tried to recoop, poorly of course. But what happend to you is unacceptable, it's their fault, and you shouldnt have to pay for their poor time management. Next time tell the doctor what happend, and if he's any good, he should accommidate you. And hopefully correct the issue with his staff. And see if this office has a customer service line you can call, if not call your insurance and tell them what happend to you. I hope your health is o.k. I use to work for a clinic, and they closed for lunch also, the difference being we didnt schedule anyone after a certain time, and stayed until the last patient was done. If you were the nurse responsible for the last patient out, my co-workers were aware, and handled my load so we all got our proper breaks without sacrificing pt. care. And this was a county clinic, so there is no excuse.
  5. Runway Fridays! MTV's Rock the Cradle Season Kick Off Party!

    speakingg of "Rock the Cradle" I've been watching...I cant believe they kicked off Eddie Moneys' kid who had some vocal talent and kept Olivia Newtons kid who had NO vocal talent. If all it takes to win this show is to be a big ole cry baby, then they really dont know what it takes to be in the biz. And so far I am not impressed by Belinda Carlises' judging of the singing portion, she must have her head up her arce, the scores shes been handing out... ok ok I'll get off the soapbox now. thanx for listening to my opinions
  6. WMC review (finally!!!)

    Glad to know you had fun in Miami girlfriend. Sounds like from your post miami suits you well. Ahh yes if only everyone had the problem of too many parties too little time. heeheehee. I am so sorry that I missed out, but oh well there is always next year.
  7. weyes' wisdom of the day - 3/11/08

    I know when I pack the clothes part, I always pretend like I am getting dressed for the event be it sleeping, dinner, party, music festival where its hot one minute, pouring rain the next. It's always helped me.
  8. weyes' wisdom of the day - 3/13/08

    but some fragrances just dont mesh well with a persons' pH, so maybe it could work, just a different scent.maybe?
  9. ***cpla WMC roll call!!!!!!!!

    That's why it's good to stay until Mon. I do. Last year got to see Sander Kleinenber on Sunday, when all the fkn ATM's ran out of money and even the Walgreens stopped giving cash back because they were running out of money too. LOL ay yay yay.
  10. What's going on this weekend?

    It's been to long since I paid a visit to my vegas friends, heading out this weekend 3/7-3/9, any suggestions? I love trance, house, d and b, was checking the threads, saw some info that seemed good...reson8, mix at TheHotel, of course there is Drai's and Empire, revolution lounge (but really looking to hit it hard on friday, afterhours and all. Sat. night might just hit a pre party bar then a club, thinking of Jet ( but not to sure will there still be good house music if the "Olie" girl is having her birthday there?) Thanx in advance
  11. Although maybe he will play for a shorter amount of time, the show at Ultra is not to be missed, if you want you can see his bit from last year on you tube, I love the post of his mix of "smack my [email protected]#*h up" by prodigy. And the stage/lighting was so frkin amazing, and we had to have been about 100yds from the stage, so we had plenty of space to groove, and it was still impressive.
  12. two guys from the uk need advice!!

    Well first off let me start by saying, Welcome to L.A. You should def have a great time, but it's like deep says, what specifically are you looking for Hip Hop, reggae, trance, house... I have friends that are from Germany and their first trip out here we took them to Avalon, they were surprised that such good electronica was played in a straight club, cause were they are from all the best music is usually found at Gay clubs I think they said. But you bet we will be more than happy to give you advice/help you out. Alot of us on this forum actually know what we look like, ie. from partying at the same spots. Keep us updated:)
  13. weyes' wisdom of the day - 1/29/08

    hahahaha, I'd be all like " then rock on wit your crazy self" c ya layta!
  14. Electronic Music Festival Los Angeles: Overdose

    Well if you want to have a conversation about sumantics... All these details in your statement tell me that her body was not doing it's job and this always means you do it for them... ie. if an infant has a heart rate of 60bpm, that doesnt mean chill out heart is beating, it's not doing it's job so you do it for them. But reguardless, the point is that the Sports arena is a shitty venue, I am not surprised that they havent received any legal action. I agree with you that that was a piss fkn poor job. And if that was my daughter you bet your sweet ass I'd be pressing charges via the Good Samaritan law. These people should be better prepared to handle emergencies, I mean they pack it full, it's hot, sweaty, even if you didnt do drugs you still have a high risk of suffering heat stroke. All the same I am sorry for the loss of a human being, that for all intents and purposes maybe could have still been alive.
  15. Where is everyone staying . . . ?

    hahaha! Now that is hells a funny, it might be me, or it might be fei fei? I still have my res, but I am having issues with money that might make me cancel my res. All the same I have been trying to convince shorty to come as well, she said fei fei wanted to go as well. Funniest part is I told her to talk to you since ya'll were homies and you lived there. boy that went in a circle real fast huh?