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  1. Hamptons Style 2 @ Hula Hanks (CT), Sun 7/31

    You can go anywhere this summer and bump into drunk college guys/18 year old girls.....Crobar and Avalon are prime examples of that. As always, clublife has mostly been about the music and if you are local to Stamford then I suggest you take a trip to Hula Hanks rather than NYC just the once to check it out. I enjoyed a great set by the resident dj....hopefully he can tell me who did the remix of U2's "where the streets have no name" and where I can get my hands on a copy......
  2. Let's look at this globally....I know most Americans don't want to admit that anything outside of the good ole USA is worth a wank but the true, number 1 biggest club in the history of house music was THE HACIENDA in MANCHESTER, ENGLAND. Enuff said!
  3. The U2 remix "Where the streets have no name" Is it mixed by NU NRG? Where can I get my hands on a copy?
  4. any oakey reviews?

    Great nite, good vibe (especially AFTER that idiot liquid todd got off the decks) Oakey got off to a slow start (apparently didn't seem to know what button did what on the system) but he does find the best tunes and lays them down with the ambient lull and wicked tempo uproar that has become his trademark trance modus operandi. I didn't think I could get up once more but time and again he did it to me....the bastard! This man is a genius.
  5. Avalon, Crobar, or Spirit???

    yeah, what's with Avalon? way dodgy crowd takin' their shirts off and shit....surely there is a more appropriate place for these homos that want to flex?
  6. how was judge jules???

    The Judge was top quality, as expected. He has definitely intensified his set for the US crowd.....with the early "britpop" days long gone. 4 banging sets in 4 nights (LA, Cancun, Boston & NYC) he is stamping his class all over the trance scene. I was also in the booth, catching up on how his Maidstone (England) set went, very friendly until "asked to leave" for helping myself to the grey goose......C'mon Jules man, can't you spare a voddy & red bull? Great night, bad morning.....the Arse went down to a last minute goal at Liverpool