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  1. Missionary vs. Cowgirl??????????

    Oh My God Isassy, the positions were so amazing. The pics were hot. When do you get your license to practice. You are gonna make a great therapist.
  2. Missionary vs. Cowgirl??????????

    i love the last one you described. the way he grinds on my clit gets me so wild. there is no doubt that missionary is more exciting than girl on top. i think there are over 40 variations though.
  3. Missionary vs. Cowgirl??????????

    Im all about being on top.. Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Porno bouce in every direction.. I love it.. Dont get me wrong I love to be on the bottom as well but when I'm on top I can guarantee when and how my orgasm will arrive Plus its fun to see him get all crazy __________________ i can see where this is going.lol. hey good subject. i am going with the majority here, i think only 1 person, the naughty one went with girl on top. i get turned on just by feeling my guys weight on me, looking down at me. holding each other tight. but i love getting my legs over his shoulders and having him just bang the shit out of me. i also agree that missionary has way to many variations, so it doesnt get boring. to me, being on top is cool, but it does bore out quick. reverse, regular, porno bounce, it all feels the same.