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  1. Trance Traffic Login

    For those of you who have heard of trancetraffic.com, the only way you can get a username is if someone invites you. I dont know why it's so conservative with its music sharing, but i was wondering if someone with a username can send me an invite so i can login.
  2. is this event 18+ or 21+, its not listed so im guessin 21 but does anyone knoe??
  3. The Official Heat Vs. Mavericks Nba Finals Thread!!!

    dallas in 7, diop and dampier have enough fouls to go aroun to send shaq to the line. wade will explode but so will nowitski. dallas is just too deep. miami's bench is a bit weak with jus payton and zo. i see 7 games with dallas hoisting the trophy.
  4. club scene in boston

    2AM?? are there any after hour spots?
  5. club scene in boston

    im curious to know how the club scene in boston is, im going to bu in the fall and i want to know if the venues get crowded or if they run late like the nyc clubs.
  6. very epic??? what does that mean, im taking it as a good thing
  7. 1. Serge Devant - opening 2. Filo and Peri 3. PVD 4. Ferry Corsten 5. Armand Van Helden 6.BT to close it out
  8. JUST 1 night in NY!!

    one night in nyc isnt enough
  9. best track ever?

    oo man it definitely has to be TRAFFIC - TIESTO LOL the most overated track of all time im goin with serge devant - need u tonite, fairly new though
  10. Tiesto Thursday Night

    "he played his usual stuff" !!??!!!??! wtf isnt he supposed to be doing his in search of sunrise 5 tour, im sick of hearing traffic, lethal industry.......i knoe they are classics but at some time you have to make new music
  11. fake id vs. chalk

    which is better to get into a 21+ or 18+ club - a fake id or chalking a ny id. Im talking about the ones with the white background. Which works better. and im 17 btw.
  12. Jonathan Peters Classics @ Roxy, Sun 9/4

    stupid question......u dont need advance tickets to get in rite?...you could jus wait in line