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  1. Perle' Fridays Tonite w/ DJ Davis G!!

    Kettel alll the way... Perle is Bumpin!!!
  2. Perle' Friday's

    The only show in town every Friday YESSSSSSSSSS!
  3. Abyss this Wednesday, Come Join Me!

    So if Wildlife Wed is making a come back, will Abyss be bringing Denny back on Fridays again? I think it would be Great to see Abyss return to it's roots, it was the mecca for dance/house/club music back in the day, but I know we are not in the 90's anymore, and things change. def some awesome times at Abyss.
  4. Gusto Grill East Brunswick

    Yeah Stuff yer Face, I used to stop in every now and then, at least they r still open in NB, I already went twice now, and haven't been pulled over yet, but I'm sure EB police and be tough. One time coming home from the shore dropping off buddy, he hacked all over the road while waiting for the light to change, but all was good, told cop driving buddy home, no problem. Anyhow, Gusto Grill cool spot and a break from the norm, love to just chill at a bar hear some banging beats, eat some good food, watch sports etc.
  5. djais vip cards

    I got a VIP for 2006, I'm willing to trade someone for a 2007, LOL.

    Let's go Denny at Cheetah's going to be siiiick night.
  7. Red Cheetah 2007 VIP Cards

    Yes Bro Come down Saturday night the 24th if you also like DJ Scribble, he will be guest DJ that night along with DJ Davis G. Saturday nights are the best!!
  8. Djais is where it's at. The energy and the vibe is awesome.
  9. ::review Of Vegas 2007::

    Let's see from reading enough posts on here, I might be able to help you out with where to go for House Music. Empire Afterhours Drais Afterhours Jet has a room with house music I believe Body English, Pure and Tangerine both play house music in a seperate room, although I think Pure and Tangerine have outdoor patios and that is where you will hear house music. Maybe Studio 54 on Thursday nights plays house music also, not sure. I'm sure you will get other help or advise from other people on here.
  10. :: lalate review of Vegas ::

    your review is awesome bro. As for Body English, if you walk with with girls, do they wave the cover for guys, or do you still have to put yourself on a list and walk in with them, just courious.
  11. ::review Of Vegas 2007::

  12. Super Bowl weekend FEB 1st-5th

    All I asked about was superbowl weekend and if there was any superbowl parties going on at the casino's, my question was answered. I would have to assume no matter what other event's are going on, that this is a happening weekend and will be packed anywhere you go!!! Probably first and last time spending superbowl weekend in Vegas, but no matter what, should be a blast. I'm starting my weekend by flying that Wed afternoon to attend a tradeshow at the convention Center. WSA Show, do a little business then party it up all weekend starting on Thursday night.
  13. Super Bowl weekend FEB 1st-5th

    Yeah, I saw that listed, that should be a good party to def attend.