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  1. oil stain...grrr

    yep works great.i got a grease spot on a pair of tan slacks and did not notice it till the next time i went to wear them,and it worked great. good luck
  2. oil stain...grrr

    you are going to think this sounds crazy but it works.Growing up in the trucking industry,i always seems to get grease and oil on my new clothes. go to the local auto parts store or gas stationa nd pick up a can of spray starting fluid,spray it right at the stain and maybe use a cloth to rub in a circular motion and it will come out.it will have a chemical oder,so just rewash it and it will be gone. this is just a little ole mechanic trick.
  3. Your opinion...

    size 10 girl! damn you thick!
  4. bathing ape?

    bathing ape?anyone whereing it?shoes,jackets? ive got a couple pair of shoes and a camo jacket.we live in central illinois and no one here has ever heard of bape or bathing ape. just curious?
  5. sunglasses

    LOL i know,sorry,just could not resist!lol
  6. sunglasses

  7. sunglasses

    Old shool Blue Blockers are going to be smokin hot this year! P-Ditty,Ashton,Jessica are all starting to wear them.hot hot hot for this year! iwearpro