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  1. attn ave-eva

  2. attn ave-eva

    evas stupid dont you know hihi lol
  3. attn ave-eva

    me neather hihi lol i saw you put in the supersexy link to your site so i checked it out >> and it says rodriquez what ever so i think that shit is yours and your cool hihi haha lol
  4. attn ave-eva

    right i m an idiot my english is somewhat short > i thought you where reffering to me a "sty" lol i thought this was realy mean ahum rrrrr whel goodbye
  5. attn ave-eva

    sorry if i afended you must be a ziljen hot idiotic ashole ha dont want you near my home doeiii bye greetz from the netherlands never in my party thats a deal right i wont be here annymore so dont forget anny other funky shit shal be yours to read im so horny on you aah wow idiot i hate someboddy and its you
  6. attn ave-eva

    am yep i knew this wassent happening .. your implying you have a link to a website thats suposivly hot recon you v never checkd it out >> its nice << so why dont you check your link and check it out lol goovy
  7. attn ave-eva

    msn [email protected] the netherlands loozers
  8. attn ave-eva

    msn [email protected] the netherlands loozers
  9. attn ave-eva

    msn [email protected] the netherlands loozers
  10. attn ave-eva

    whats up with this shit who is wang what caracter does he play ? i v been at yr site mmm is this rodriquez himselve haha thats fun do you produce your own records aswel ? i do alot doing a tour soon im <working on the set in my studio> icq > 337513019 kis eve no drugs alowed
  11. attn ave-eva

  12. Biani Ballerina

    some arful pics here whoehahaha lol realy hot ones to x (ar you a proffesional) realy good might see you some time eve
  13. Learn to DJ

    ppl have vinyl recorders (PvD) but its not very practical.
  14. haha wish i was there haha whel i missed that perhaps next time uh lol happy newyear to everyone much love from holland x lav ya doeii bye