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  1. :)

    what it means to be an underground FSN (pacha related)
  2. Attn: Kaydup

    Good to see some of my old FSN warriors back in action today. It's been too long FRIENDS. Lola the magic number is 7
  3. I will rip your limbs off and fuck your ass with them and you will like it
  4. Desyn Masiello @ Rise 11/10

    trample the weak
  5. I use to like

    marioncobretti Thread deleted by RAINCRY Reason: spam - unnecessary drama. Issue keeps dragging out. 8:30AM deleting threads already? Raincry get a fucking life.
  6. Axwell

    Mahrune Ill be your wingman tonight.
  7. Slouch Mix

    nice mix dj soulseek mahrune
  8. Random Thoughts #3

  9. Dj Kares- Defurbulator

    eh who kares
  10. eddie3:

  11. ATTN: Mahrune

    Disco.... I want a 20 year sentence with no possibility of parole, 3 wire taps and a large order of Indictments. Thanks in advance
  12. ATTN: Mahrune

    Can't wait to give Marhune the Dirty Chewie.
  13. ATTN: Mahrune

    How's Vyto getting home this time.... Limo???
  14. ATTN: Mahrune

    Top 5 things that Im going to do to Mahrune when he passes out before Sasha: 5. steal his microwave 4. shave his left eyebrow off 3. glue his little nuts to his leg 2. pay for 3 hookers with his platinum visa 1. give him the Dirty Sanchez