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  1. Question about Pacha

    How late does it stay open on fridays? I need to know in anticipation of the Tenaglia/Hawtin party...
  2. New ULTRA flier is here!!

    Does anyone know whether 1 day passes will be available for Ultra? I suspect the Ultra thieves are waiting for last minute before they put 1 day passes for sale.... Any intel anyone?
  3. I think he jumped to conclusions because last year, the AAA after party was made up of Sasha, Digweed, Zabiela....and apparently it SUCKED ! This year...personally, I am impressed by the lineup...but you know, as much as Tenaglia is the g-o-d....seeing him for a few hours in that kind of place isn't exactly ideal. He's a marathon man who likes dark places (hence go see him at Pawnshop the next day). I am not willing to give up my chance to go to Space for the Yoshitoshi party (you will find it hard to get into Space if you go after the AAA party) only to see DT for a couple of hours.
  4. Friendly Service at Space - HA!!

    I called Space to find out about the 3 day passes...and the guy said to me "As of right now, there are no 3 day passes but like every year, they MIGHT become available, who knows but right now 'NO'. The owner tends to do things at the last minute" The impression I got is the expected one...they want to sell as many single night tix and 5 day passes as possible (cause that's how they make the most money) and then at the last minute, sell 3 day passes. I didn't like the way the guy talked me...you could tell he was hiding some info....foking a$$holes.
  5. Space or no Space...Steve Lawler is not much of a secret anymore. He will tear it up as he's always knowns how to do. I saw him at Space Ibiza for his Viva party....I left speechless. He made Sasha (in the other room) look like an amateur. I look forward to seeing at Space Miami...but also don't forget Behrouz is also part of the lineup...so it should be a TREAT !
  6. Space Tix

    We are about 3 weeks from the beginning of the festivities and Space still hasn't shown any signs that they would offer the 3 day passes. Either they want people to question whether those passes will be available at all, that way...most people will buy individual tickets (which will bring more profits to Space).........or...simply there won't be any 3 day passes available.
  7. Per his website...03/26 – Nikki Beach - South Beach, Miami
  8. Some 2006 space pass info

    wow...everybody seems to have suffered a frustration of some sort...and my story doesn't differ much from everyone else's. Last year, I got there at 4am on saturday after Ultra-the little that I knew- and didn't get in til 8AM ! It was insane...and the only reason I hung in there was because I knew what I would miss (you know how you can hear the music on the terrace from the line)...that night was the Yoshitohi party. Anyways...those fokers at who run Space truly love to take advantage of us travellers and music fans. What can be done about this? this is totally unacceptable. Also, who the hell wants to be there BY 2AM anyways when the Terrace is 90% of what Space is about?? Another thing: All the Space website has is the single ticket for the Lawler party.......I have yet to see anything related to the 3 or 5 days passes. Anyone know anything?
  9. Space Flyer/Official Party List

    Anybody knows anything about the Space passes yet?
  10. Ultra???

    Bayfront has a bomb amphitheatre...and is RIGHT next to AAA and Space. In any event, 8 blocks isn't much to walk after having danced for 1/4 of a day...lol. So what does this new venue offer besides size (which wasn't a problem at Bayfront anyways) ??
  11. It's official...the Yoshitoshi party will be held at Space on the 25th.......
  12. Sorry....Digweed doesn't satisfy my musical taste...his music isn't intelligent....too dull...simply boring. In fact, he doesn't even come close to the guys I mentioned, do you see why? or do you rate him better than those guys? (that would be hilarious if you did...lol)
  13. Of course to each his own...but Miami is governed by HOUSE MUSIC! Sasha isn't exactly house music, he's shit IMO...I remember seeing him at Space in Ibiza...pathetic...even his fans weren't impressed (people travel the world for Ibiza...u can't afford to have bad days while you're there). I remember his side of the club was empty...while Lawler was twisting everybody's head in the other room...once again...HOUSE RULES. Digweed? come on now...he's done and over with. Today, house music is Tenaglia, Deep Dish, Lawler, Cattaneo, Morillo, Howells, Behrouz, etc...but not Digweed please.....
  14. Anybody know when this party is happening? By looking at the schedule...I could see it happening on friday 24th...but that's just a guess...
  15. those guys are DONE.......those guys are unwanted in the world of House ;-)