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  1. track id?????????

    sharam - get wild
  2. Dandy - Tic Toc

    I heard this song on SIRIUS, but I can't find it anywhere to purchase and I can't download it on soulseek or limewire. Anyone have any ideas? If you're feeling generous enough to send me a copy, [email protected] Thanks!
  3. Special Request

    Can anyone rip BadBoyJoe's NYC Afterhours "feel the drums" 4:00AM session CD? It is from 2004. I went to put it in my car the other day to reminisce, and in the process, I dropped the box with my subwoofers on it. Yes I know it was stupid, flame away, but more importantly, can someone send it to me? [email protected]
  4. Anything goin on tonite

    ok, so wheres the partY?
  5. Fired up?

    new mix of this out? hear it a few times last week
  6. Track IDs (2)

    actually yeah. the original 80's ID is Rockwell featuring MJ
  7. Track IDs (2)

    these are both from XS on sunday night. hopefully the lyrics will be enough. i was slightly intoxicated. heh 1. song with a sample from Michael Jackson's - Somebody's watching me. Beatfreakz came out with a remake of that song earlier in the month, is that it? Regardless, what mix is it? 2. song had a sample of Corina - Temptation. thats all i got thanks guys and girls
  8. graduated from college last year. the real world sucks.
  9. MDW tracks

    gary, nice classics set. brings back memories
  10. MDW tracks

    ill be laying on the beach at surf wasted. heh
  11. MDW tracks

    What tracks are everyone and their mothers going to play out this year? post em fools. party all the time is done for. and btw, i might go crazy if i see one more person pumping nick lachey
  12. Can someone PLEASE ID this?

    been looking for it for a long time. Theyve been dropping it on KTU a lot lately. Its a mix of Bon Jovi - livin on a prayer. Its the EXACT song with BONJOVI singing, but with a beat behind it. its definitely no one at KTU mixing live. this song has been out there for a while. just not a clue what it is.
  13. Puffy Eyes

    To reduce puffiness, try ReVive Eye Renewal cream. Its $110, but its the best stuff on the market. Come visit me at Saks and I'll take care of you.
  14. doobie brothers - long train runnin

    can you send it over? [email protected]