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  1. Read it and weep: This Thursday. Vertigo. Andrew K [Greece] DJ Ebar [NYC] John Pacheco [boston] Vytas Januskis [boston] DJ Gaafar [boston] This has been a long time in planning, read the full write up at www.analogloungeboston.com note: this site is still under construction, so if there are any problems viewing the content (other than some of the links on the left-hand-side not working, try the "photos" section, alright ) PM me or send an email to [email protected]
  2. What more can be said? Thursdays are suddenly a really really good thing. -Peter
  3. meh... Another Friday that's going to end up with me going to bed sometime well into Saturday. What is this city comng to? There's actually cool stuff to do again! We love you, Eli Wilkie
  4. Hey guys'n'gals, I think I've finally recovered from last week... just in time to announce the grand re-opening of the Analog Lounge on Thursday nights at Vertigo. This week will be special guest Jon Schmidt. Originally hailing from Philly, then spending some time in Miami and Atlanta before moving to Boston last year, Jon's sound is perfect for the lounge. He plays a mixture of house, tech and progressive sounds that you've probably never heard before. An avid record collector, he spends more time record shopping than I thought was possible for a well-adjusted human being. The end result is a record bag full of tracks that would make any DJ jealous. You'll never find Jon running around handing out demos because he's too picky and his recorded sets are never 'good enough'... they are good enough, believe me... his mixes are flawless. You'll see for yourself tomorrow night... Analog Lounge Thursdays Vertigo 126 State St Boston 21+
  5. Thursdays Afterwork @ Vinalia

    lottttta action... I'll have to come check this out, sounds pretty cool. ends at 9pm eh? should be enough time to grab dinner and stumble over to vertigo once things wrap up. perfect.
  6. i'm not sure who's hotter... eli or sandra. hope i don't have to choose.
  7. Analog Lounge 2 year anniversary party

    thanks guys... i want it to be 10:00 already. see y'all later!
  8. Analog Lounge 2 year anniversary party

    Thanks mang.
  9. Analog Lounge 2 year anniversary party

    This week Analog Lounge celebrates its 2 year anniversary with a very special celebration. We will be opening up both floors for the first time, bringing you 8 DJs and various styles of music that has come to make Wednesday nights at Vertigo so special. We'll also be bringing back everyone's favorite bartender, Asia, and her signature lemonade martinis. Upstairs in the lounge: 10-12: Dan Spurling and Chris Deorio 12-2: Frantic and Randy Deshaies Downstairs: 10-2: Steve Porter, Chris Reavey, Fernando Bairos, and Eli Wilkie Dan Spurling and Chris Deorio have spent the last year or so perfecting their lounge style at on Saturday Nights at Devlin's in Somerville. Dan has played at Vertigo several times, but this will be the first time they've both been by together. Expect a deep eclectic housey vibe early. Frantic is one of my favorite house DJs. His energy is infectious and his complete mastery of the Pioneer DJM600 is apparent immediately. That coupled with impeccable taste in music makes for a very fun musical experience. He was one of the first guests we had way back in the day at the lounge, I absolutely cannot wait to hear him play again. Where would house music in Boston be without Randy Deshaies? His name has been associated with the dance music scene for as long as most of us have been here. From Hibernia, to Pravda to the Phoenix landing, to RISE and Avalon, Randy's done it all. I'm honored to announce his debut at the lounge for this event. The Reversible Record crew will be keeping things funky downstairs where there's a bit more room to loosen up and dance. Running his own local record label, Reversible Records, Fernando Bairos has a couple of successful releases under his belt and is poised to release more soon. Chris Reavey is a local producer/DJ who has recently teamed up with Chris Micali to put together some huge tracks that are due to be released on major labels later this year. Eli Wilkie is one of the biggest names in Boston right now. Resident at Avalon Fridays and playing at gigs across North America, with international DJs, Eli is also a member of the Balance record pool giving him access to a huge range of fresh new tracks. Eli is no stranger to Wednesdays, but with the rest of the characters downstairs anything can happen. Smack in the middle of his "Homegrown" album release tour that will see him playing all across the US, Steve Porter will make the trip up from NYC to Boston for this special night. I am proud to have him as our guest. Please note that this night is 21+ and there will be a $5 cover. for more info, email [email protected] Vertigo nightspot 126 State Street, Boston
  10. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo

    Nice car, dood... yours?
  11. DJ Joe Mama tonight 2/2 at Vertigo

    Hey everybody, just wanted to let you know the goings on. Tonight Joe Mama will be manning the decks at the Analog Lounge at Vertigo. It's been a while since he's graced us with his DJ presence, so I expect some crazy antics. So whaddya all say to the Vertigo Wednesday/Thursday 1-2 punch? I say bring it on. See you tonight... and tomorrow night
  12. well you know you can count me in... lots of preparation has gone into this, can't wait to have a place to go out to on thursday nights again.
  13. WMC :: Plastic Sex World Series :: Thurs 3.24 :: 5AM - ???

    relevant?? anyway, if this party is anything like last year, we're all in trouble. props to mr. mama for keepin the love flowin.
  14. Analog Lounge Presents DJ Kares

    Hey guys... shame on me for not knowing about this Boston hangout. Oh well... I just wanted to keep everybody posted on what's going on these days at Vertigo. The Analog Lounge is ramping things up in preparation for WMC, especially these next few weeks. Tonight (despite the dusting of snow) we feature the lovely DJ Kares playing breaks all night. I will be joining her, I'm not sure how we'll format the sets but it's guaranteed to be a good time and the martinis will most likely flow like wine. Next week, February 2nd, we've got DJ Joe Mama on the decks for an installment of his unique style of house music that we've all come to know and love as well as a few of his original productions mixed in for good measure. On the 9th we'll be throwing the Analog Lounge 2 year anniversary party and opening up both the upstairs and downstairs floors. More info on that to come. Hope to see some of y'all soon. -Peter