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  1. Armin van Buuren @ Space, Fri 10/7

    asking about other music at space....AvB (not a.v.b.) is spinning...what else do you want? hip hop?.....dork!!
  2. How many of you are going to Live 8?

    i live on city ave and have been trying to debate what is the best way in....i can bike it but that is kind of scrubby with the gf and then i can take the train but getting back i am sure will be a bitch....any suggestions?? and what time is a good time to go...and where will the CP meetup be? I usually post in the miami section, as I used to live there....
  3. Science Fiction - And I'm not talking about the song!!!!

    I miss all those days of George Acosta, Edgar V, and David Padilla...Shadow Lounge was probably the last of the really good clubs at the beach. The first year of Space was excellent too....George Acosta used to the crowd every Saturday....
  4. Happy Birthday Mdamon!!!!

    you as my bitch, biatch. now hush your mouth and go easy on the teeth, sweetie.
  5. Happy Birthday Mdamon!!!!

    happy b-day mikey!!
  6. Help me fill in the Blanks

    Nikki Beach, maybe Amika on Sunday. Thursday...no sé.....qué es lo que quieres hacer? first post!! bring me hell, bitches!!!