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  1. Is Drais hard to get into?

    Vegas is getting like Hollywood style, you got to grease the doormans palms to get in some of these clubs out here now, man people just want to get in and drink and have fun, not have to deal with a suit with a clip board, I'm sorry.
  2. Is Drais hard to get into?

    ~Yea, that place gets too packed, go to Seamless, after hours.
  3. If you want guest list at Jet

    DUDE! I had a F'd up experiance try'n to get in at Jet, took 2hours in THE so called V.I.P. section, table resv. then when I got up front the guy with clip board, what a joke, said I didn't have table, F'd up service there. I called later on and they said that I DID have bottle service, resv. I was telling all my friends and some clients in L.A. not to go there. Hope you have something good going there, becuase I think that place sucks, sorry about that...................."J"