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  1. How do you dance?

    Foremost, you MUST feel the music! To do this, you must find the style that moves you since there are a lot of different house music styles. There's fast house; slow house; trancy house; house filled with vocals; house filled with breaks; progressive house (where the speed and intensity of the music gradually increases); sexy, tribal, groovy house (my only choice) and many more different styles - go to Live365.com and check out different styles under the category Electronica. Every DJ normally sticks with one style or combines 2 or 3 styles so you generally know what to expect when you appear at a venue where he/she is spinning. So yes, you come to know a DJ and pretty much follow him/her around to the venue he/she is scheduled to spin at. There's a handful of good DJs for each style so don't worry about seeing the same DJ each time out. But do worry about which style most appeals to you. Also, it may be the case that there is no house music style that appeals to you nor ever will (is this possible?). If so, forget about dancing house and work on your kid 'n play moves. Once you have located the house music style that moves your body, dancing is easy to pick up. All you do is attend a handful of events featuring a DJ that spins the style that makes you move, pick a good spot at the venue where you can hold up the wall while having a good view of the whole dance floor, have a few drinks, and simply observe how all the people display different styles of dancing. After a handful of events, you'll have a lot of different dancing styles in your head. Now, simply decide which dancing style(s) is you and adopt it(them). Next time out, get just shy of trashed (to mellow you out); throw on cool, unique shades (to mellow you out); find a comfortable spot on the dance floor (a spot where other dancers are displaying the dancing style that is you); TUNE into or connect with the music (once you do this, you'll feel like you're riding on the music so hold on to the connection or you'll fall off; also, you'll find yourself in your own little space, oblivious of the world around you, in a trance) and finally, move your body to the different sounds you hear making sure that all your moves work with each other. The most important thing is to feel the music! You do that and you're in!! Morillo 7/3; Morillo 7/5...I'll be wearing aviators